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Vasectomy--Affecting weight, sex drive, pheromones?

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Just curious--my husband had a vasectomy several years ago. It may just be coincidence but I realized since then he gained weight, his sex drive diminished some, and I have felt much less attracted to him. (We're separated but still together).

Someone suggested it may have affected his pheromones--that biologically my body thinks he's not a good mate because he can't get me pregnant anymore.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

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There's no way a vasectomy can have a significant effect on someone's health, weight, or anything else physical. It might have a psychological effect, but there's no way to tell.


You say he got his vasectomy several years ago. A lot can happen in "several years". Think back: has his diet changed? Has he gone through any life-changing events such as a separation? Has he aged by any chance?

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Yup... with a vasectomy you still make all the same stuff... even sperm... it just has no where to go so gets resorbed by the body.


I doubt it physically affected him though psychologically it could have.


I think there are other reasons for the weight gain and sex drive problems.

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