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Joe breaks up with his girlfriend, Ashley, a week ago after a year together. They broke up due to a fight (maybe there were other issues but the fight brought it out) but this time the fight was long distance. They both graduated recently from the same college and they both went back home...but in 3 months they'll be close to another due to relocation of Ashley.


Joe has a big ego (and knows it) and a bad temper and says things rashly and he literally has no friends at home except his ex gf from a few years ago, Stacy, whom he sometimes still talks to. Stacy and him broke up due to long distance fighting as well since they were long distance when they dated.


Joe tells Ashley "wake up Im seeing other people" when she tries to talk to him (which must mean Stacy...but Stacy is dating around with other people and does not like Joe more than a friend anymore anyway, she just runs to him whenever she cannot find a guy)


Joe receives emails from Ashley saying she is sorry for various things and she knows how to fix the rel and to give her another chance. Joe writes a draft email saying things like "sorry we didnt work out youre a great girl with a good heart and a good sense of humor but we are done i never loved you should have dumped you earlier and $$$$ you for doing *this* to me we would have problems later down the road anyway" (he says $$$$ whenever he is mad at anyone) However Joe never sends the draft email to Ashley. Maybe Joe just forgot to hit send but wouldnt he eventually have noticed he didnt actually send it?


Joe adds Stacy to his Gmail contacts but does not delete Ashley off of his Gmail contacts. Ashley has 3 separate emails listed under his contacts and Joe does not delete them.

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Sounds like GIGS. Poor Ashley.... I feel her pain. She needs to just let him be. He thinks he's in the right frame of mind but his emotions are probably running wild too and he doesn't know what to do. But he does want to make sure Ashley doesn't move on do that in case he changes his mind she's still waiting on him. Just move on and let him come to his senses on his own.

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