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so lonely


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I remember the first time this happened with an ex about 4/5 years ago I was in an absolute state. Couldn't function at all. Complete mess!


Think because it's happened a couple of times, my mind tells me that it gets better so no need to get too het up about it. Almost like some sort of defence mechanism!


Go ring a bloke up and ask him to give you a foot massage or summat!

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I personally think you need to take time in your life with no men around to find yourself.


Try to fill your time by being surrounded by friends and family.


I cant say a lot more other than time is a real healer and you will get over this.


When i went through a breakup a few years ago i thought i would never ever find love again and i considered ending my life.


3 years later i find myself going through the same again but this time i know i will get through this.


You will move on. Be strong. I wish you the best of luck.

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i think my family and friends have just about had enough of me.


I hope they are supportive, and I am sure they do listen. Don't they? Meantime, it is vital that you get out and about a bit. Just so the evenings are not so lonely for you why not take advantage of this time to take up an activity, go to a gym, evening class, book club, whatever. You may yoursel enjoying yourself.

Don't martyr yourself about the individual It isn't worth it.



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i live with my 2 children and my mother, my eldestchild has started to be affected by all this, hes seen me in hell of a state, poor thing. i do feel awful but i cant do anything to stop myself... my mother and i always clash on everything, over the years she has become very cold, also she hates men, so shes had enough of me really.

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Oh dear, Loulou.


This is decidedly not healthy.


my mother and i always clash on everything, over the years she has become very cold,


Right now you need support, time to yourself and some let-up in teh stress.


You are correct. It is not good for your children to see you in this state.


Is there any possibility you can make other living arrangements?



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