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Hello, New to this but not really new to break ups.


I am a jealous type male 32 was married for 8yrs and divorced since my x-wife was cheating on me. Meet a wonderful woman who stood by me threw my separation and divorce and other issues with my child. She has 2 girls plus her sisters 2 boys since her sister passed last yr.


So a lot going on, We have family issues and others but 2 weeks ago moved down to my parents house after living at her house for 7 months. I came back after one week after going over some issues we had. One being her having her "Guy Friends" back. We been together for 3 yrs now and she wanted this before but we never tried. While I was out she started talking to a old friend in Carolina so far away.


Constant e-mails, txt messages and even phone calls were noticed which we talk but its like when we first were going out with each other. They chat also on Facebook all the time unknown about what?


She put the guys soon to be X-wife on my profile and was saying we should start talking and maybe hook up but no attraction so left it go. I got enough nerve to ask her about him and if my g/f was talked about much and what she herd. Well guess the soon to be x forwarded the msg to him than to my g/f. At this point she was VERY UPSET and stated it was Distrust and since then she called off relationship. I am still living in the house because my attachment with the kids but not sure if can get her back. Seems like this guy has her wraped. Already seen the xoxoxo and Love you messages from him to her and talk of him moving back to pa after divorce.


I trust my girl and tell her its the other guy don't trust! but she still is very upset and does not look good.


Curious on thoughts about this:


She has done alot for me and is a wonderful woman, can't even start to talk bad about her. Just did something dumb and it caught on me. How do get her back from this guy. Again its just all talk and msgs but very, very scared. Her whole family loves me except the mother but its hard to say anymore??


Sorry for being long

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Wasnt really a open relationship.. She just wanted "Guy Friends" which she always had or what I called a revolving door of guys and what her family tells me.



Sorry for the confusion its really hard to go into detail. She has been chatting with this guy now since the first time we separated for one week. From what understand he was around in our area before and they were friends. Now it seems A LOT more than that too me.

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