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I'm ready to be re-introduced to society! :)

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After staying up most of last night drinking with the girls, I woke up a short while ago feeling refreshed and with only a hint of a headache. And you know, that night was exactly what I needed. Sometimes there's no substitute for just getting out there and having a good bloody laugh. Maybe I'm just on a high but I think I've found what I'm looking for. Do you ever have one of those 'aha' moments where everything just clicks into place? Well that's what I had. It wasn't the drink, it was partly the girls, but mainly it was the humour. I hope it lasts but right now I'm gonna try some different stuff to get me over those last few healing hurdles and they don't involve sitting in front of a screen. I think this is gonna be a fun summer..and autumn..and winter! I can't wait!!!


Oh and I think 89 posts from me (not including all the ones i deleted!) is more than enough for this lifetime. If I wanna find the answer to something, I'll go out and live it. Even if that means f****** up.

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