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I can't stop losing weight

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So I was raised basically to be super healthy with my eating and alot of the time i am even grossed out by greasy cheap junk food.. except pizza, i love that stuff but its not exactly a balanced meal.. So my problem is that i dont eat enough or enough calories in the foods i crave and like to eat, or sometimes I just forget to be honest. I quit smoking weed too and that used to be a pretty good motivator for me to remember eating and have a healthy apetite.


I cant stuff my face because it feels horrible and painful after, but I can only eat smallish meals.. this would probably be ideal to a human diet but the problem is i dont eat every 3 hours or whatever, its more like twice, maybe three times a day if im bored.. I just need some suggestions on HEALTHY foods that are high in calories so i can sustain my weight a little better because i dont have the time to be constantly eating small meals. Im already 125lbs at 5'9" and i look soo skinny. any suggestions?


PS im a vegetarian but i eat fish and eggs... protein doesnt exactly help u gain weight though

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Healthy easy foods i like to keep with me... ( good fat foods):



beans (like soy)

fruits - apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, berries.

dried fruits and mixed nuts (like trail mix)

protein bars

Peanut butter (natural) (i like to have peanut butter on crackers, apples, ect.

sesame seeds

granola bars


A REALLY yummy healthy snack i like to have is:


yogurt.. any flavor ..but i like vanilla with a cubed apples and banana slices..mmm its soooo good, filling, healthy, and easy to make.


Another healthy thing i like to keep on hand is hard boiled eggs... i make some on the weekends then i have them all week.


those are the kind of things i keep with me to stay satisfied and eat healthy.

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In addition to the above, you can add high calorie smoothies and shakes. They tend to be lighter on the stomach, but can pack an incredible number of calories. I like warm hearts suggestion for nuts. All kinds. Might as well add both almond butter and cashew butter to the list.


Part of you will eventually need to get past the idea of eating such tiny meals if you want to put on a little weight. It is pita to have to remember to eat all the time. Have a higher calorie dinner as well. If you have pasta, add several tablespoons of olive oil (not just one tablespoon for example). Find foods that don't irritate your stomach. Sugars tend to be less bloating and painful than starches. It matters more that you get enough calories than anything else. Just don't let yourself go to bed without consuming some minimum.


And yes, please do consume plenty of protein. At your weight, shooting for a nice 100+ grams per day would do no harm and would likely help. You won't build any muscle without enough protein. All weight gain would be fat.

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If you need to put on weight, you might try making some healthy home made bread or good quality bakery bread and eating it with butter or margarine or peanut butter or cheese or humus, or dipping it in a little olive oil as the italians do...


You can take slices of bread with margarine or cheese on it anywhere you go in sandwich bags, so you can just add a couple thick slices with every meal, and for snacks in between meals.


You might want to buy a breadmaker and make fresh bread yourself every evening for the next day... it's easy with a breadmaker, and the smell of baking bread will stimulate your appetite.

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