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Sex with our SO while they're drunk and you're sober?


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I agree, tipsy maybe... But ramming their tongue down your throat at the bar and them shoving your hand down their pants and talking dirty on the ride home only to be (often times) passed out before you get home just feels kinda weird to me. For some reason that'd turn me on if she were sober or a little tipsy, but while drunk it seems a little sleazy. When I have to literally carry the girl into bed because she can't even walk a straight line, it's kind of hard to get turned on.


This was from an SO who would turn you down 8 out of 10 times? Yeah, that would be a little weird for me too. I don't know about sleazy...but it definitely smacks of immaturity, underlying sexual hangups, or (hate to say it) maybe she wasn't that into you?!?


Hopefully she rarely woke up after you carried her into bed. Nothing like a little puke to add insult to injury.

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