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Err...bloody stool?

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Well, not exactly. I did some research and it there's blood in the digestive tract then it's going to be a muddy/blackish color, but it was red. This leads to me believe that I bled while going to the bathroom? I mean, is this normal, albeit being rare? It was kind of painful, erm, coming out (sorry this is kind of TMI). After the initial wipe there wasn't anymore blood so I don't think it kept bleeding. But I'm not sure whether I should go to a doctor for this or if it's nothing to worry about.

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Frank blood (red blood) can still come from your GI tract but it just means it came from your lower GI tract (undigested) or rectal area.


If you can check yourself with a mirror it's possible you have hemorrhoids. Were you straining to go?


I would just watch it and if it happens again, or you have any other symptoms (such as dizziness, lightheadedness, abdominal pain, vomiting, change in bowel habits) I would call your doctor.

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It's stopped bleeding and don't think it's bled since it happened. And yes, I'm wary of a blackish color if it happens. If I was looking for hemorrhoids, what exactly would I be looking for?


You could probably google it under the 'images' selection and see some pictures, but it sort of looks like cauliflower leaves or small grapes near the opening of the rectum. You can't always see them from the outside, some are inside but may come out with straining.


And yes, keep your eye out for black, tarry looking stools and report any of those to your MD also.

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