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My bf is in this one class once a week in the evening that is 4 hours long. It's a hands on computer support class. At the beginning of the semester they pair up with partners of 2, and he paired up with this lady he knew from another class he took last semester. They keep the same partner each week, but I guess next week they are changing to new partners finally. Throughout the semester he mentions her a lot and talks about how he so much enjoys talking with her, and talks highly of her and she does all these things. She sounds like a jack of all trades apparently, and she seems to talk a lot too. Every week or so I hear about her, not that I mind. I know she is in her 40's and old enough to be his mom. Does this seem questionable that he thinks a lot of her, or is this silly to think anything of this other than just a good classmate? I know he speaks of me to her, and he told me the other day that she wishes us two a happy 2 year anniversary (dating each other). Am I just having silly thoughts, or should anything be a concern?

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In a situation like yours, things that would give me cause for concern would be:

- spending a lot of time together outside of class

- being in constant communication with each other

- him choosing to spend time with her over you, etc ...


Sounds like they are just friendly and enjoying chatting while in class. Also sounds like he is open about his relationship with her. Especially given the age difference, I really think you have no reason to worry. Sounds totally innocent and normal to me!


PS. How adorable is that hedgehog?! I want one!

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Ok, that's good. I wouldn't know if they hung out or not (I don't live with him, I wouldn't know!). I don't know anything. I know sometimes they talk outside of class from what he tells me, but that is if they meet each other in the hallway or anything. From what information I have, that's all. They don't hang outside of school or call each other, etc. from what I assume, he never mentions it. I know he is online talking to me a lot, but he has been spending more time at school as of late, so sometimes I wonder about that too, but all in all I think it is innocent. The other day he went to school and brought his laptop with him to do his work, but he wondered why he did since the reason he brought his laptop to school is because the school didn't have the software he needed, so why didn't he just stay at home?? Lol! But during that time he was online talking to me while he was at school.

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Thanks! That was Maizy she passed away last year. I adopted her from a shelter I used to volunteer for. I have 2 more I adopted since then from the Texas bust they had last year.


Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I can just imagine her peering out of a stocking at Christmas!


Don't think about the situation too much, you could drive yourself silly trying to analyze every detail of his behavior. Doesn't seem like you have any reason to worry, so don't read too much into any small thing he's doing! And happy anniversary!

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