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am i reading too much into it?


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Hey guys!


I'm just new and have been reading some posts and wanted to ask you guys what u thought about my situation..


Theres this guy who i'm friends with.. we mostly chat online and we text quite a lot too.. we talk about all kinds of stuff but it usually always comes down to talking about how bad we want each other..we hook up when we can and have amazing sex. He is single, i am a single mom.. we havent ever discussed the FWB thing but to me i'd assume thats where we are at (though i'm falling for him and i just know its gonna end in tears).


Anyway just recently when wev bn speakn he keeps sayin 'your mine' and stuff like i might aswell have his name on me, i'm owned and i better not forget it (i LOVE the dominance thing!) even the last time we hooked up he made me promise him i was his and nobody elses.


Am i reading way too much into it or is it just a possessive sexual rambling?


We dont really meet up during the week cause we both work and my kid comes first.. but yeah i dont wana ruin what we have by asking what the deal is


views plz!


xx Shawna xx

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The best way is to communicate. Keep it honest, and you can base your emotions on that, assuming he's being honest as well.


If you read FWB threads here, they very rarely work out though.


Good luck, and keep us posted.

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i guess i just thought that he doesnt have to say these things so why say them? if we are FWB how come hes not liking the idea of me being anyone elses.. god complex? ... and crazy i know i guess ive just fallen into the trap that is hoping he'll fall too.. exremely silly i know but cant be helped!

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Lots of people in FWB setups get possessive but it has nothing to do with romantic interest. If you start seeing someone else then he could end up losing his "perks" so he wants to keep you to himself to maintain the setup. Also, as FWBs progress, sometimes the other person feels they have to say a little more to keep the setup going. It is a way to ensure that he can maintain this setup.

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Welcome to ENA


Expectations can ruin just about anything if we allow it. Say you are expecting a gift from someone and your mind comes up with all these great ideas of what it might be. Then you get the gift and it is fabulous but it isn't what you had imagined so you are somewhat dissapointed. The gift is perfect but since it wasn't what you were expecting it seemed less of a thing.

Keep your expectations in check. It sounds like you are in a FWB that hasn't been declared and no rules have been established. Rules you say! Yes rules.

Are you both free to see other people?

Is safe sex practiced together or with others?

If you/he become interested in someone else will it end?

If feelings start to form between you two what is to be done or discussed?

How long will this thing last?


Just because you don't call it a FWB doesn't mean it isn't one.

In theory these things always seem like a great compromise don't they? Intimacy without all the other stuff.......unfortunately the "other stuff" always creeps in.


Good luck


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