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Cant stop crying


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Love can be so cruel. Ive been brusied, kicked, yelled at by my ex, ive felt like the lowest, smallest animal on the planet and I have always got back up again. But I am so tired. Im tired of the tears and being surrounded by people yet always feeling like this is such an alone journey. I have poured my heart and soul into a guy that doesnt love me back, literally given everything to something that was never going to change, someone who didnt want to change and who has so much anger towards me. Everytime I think im strong enough to get past it something proves me wrong. This pain is killing me.

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The anger he has isn't towards you, it is towards himself and life in general. You are just the convenient punching bag. No matter who his partner would be, that person would end up facing the same anger from him. Abusers do the same thing to every single one of their partners. You loved a man who couldn't love you because he can't love anyone, not even himself. See this as his failing, not yours...don't take it personally...see that this is who he is and this is how he would behave with anyone who tried to love him.

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Holding On:


If it hurts it isn't love. Love is NOT cruel, nor does it consist in bruising kicking and yelling. Where did you get that idea.....


I feel it would be bestnot to tell him anything. Just go, find some healing and think of yourself.



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Quit believing what he is saying to you. I know you want to believe there is good, and time and time again you say you dont believe me. That Im wrong and I cant see the future and I am wrong and I admire your heart, but its a heart that is devoted to the wrong guy. I told you he will only tell you what you want to hear, you will fall for it, then he will hurt you. Its a pattern that will continue until you leave his life. You enable him to treat you like that because you have not given him any incentive to change his way. He will treat you like a dog. Its that simple, You have to stand your ground despite what he says.

He will not change.

He will not treat you with love.

He will not treat you with respect

He does not care for your feelings.

He is not good for you.

And there is not a single thing you can do about it as long as you are in his life.

You have to finally say enough. When are you going to finally make that change and stick to it?

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