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So in this day and age,,, social networking is a big part of many relationships.... Below is just a lil history on my situation followed by the question.


So my GF broke up with me for all the same reasons many girls break up with a guy,, Insecurity and neediness,,, The once confident guy she fell for,,, turned into a shell of himself. . When things were going well,, when i wasn't insecure,,, She was in love with me. She told me she loved me first and she was the one initiating marriage and pushing me to meet her family. I was the somewhat reluctant one but eventually i did and fell in love with her. And our relationship was full of MEMORIES, alot of traveling, broadway shows, concerts, sports, extreme sports, sight seeing.... we did all as couple,, FUN TIMES! We even have a scrap book of our adventures.



In short,,,she has many guy friends,,, there were literally 2 guys (brothers) who i felt threatened by and let myself become insecure when i didnt need to be. So the arguements and disagreements became too much for her and she broke up with me,,, although the following day after breaking up, she wanted to get back together but first wanted to observe how i would act. Well that following week i displayed signs of neediness and she OFFICIALLY broke up with me a week later. I wrote to her a couple of times during the following week but no response. SO since then ive just let her be and have given her space.


But she knows how much i loved her and i never yelled at her or disrespected in anyway during and after our relationship.


NOW FINALLY on to the question at hand... its been 6 weeks since the breakup and 4 since ive last contacted her,,, We still see eachother in band rehearsal seeing as we are part of the same band, but we dont really talk. But we are both adults about it and we just talk and joke around with our other bandmates.


She's deleted me off of FACEBOOK,,, and she barely says HI to me during band rehearsal,, although during band practice ive caught her laughing as i Joke around with the guys. Ive always been kind of a jokester.


She has deleted me off of facebook (she's deleted me off a facebook cause according to her she doesn't want her updates to make it harder on me, since she's been living it up going out and having fun)

and we barely talk, just Hi and Bye,,,,


so why in the HECK does she still have the photos of us as a couple on her profile. Why does she have me tagged in them with the lovey dubby comments,,, i mean her status says single and im blocked but she still has those photos up,,, And she's a facebook addict,, she's always on. And has had time to upload new pics,,, I dnt get it? Can i have some insight from fellow posters especially the female ones?


It seems simplistic enough,,,maybe she doesn't want to be so cold hearted so she leaves them up until she's is officially ready to move on,,,I dunno what else it could be. I know everyone probably needs more details,,,But its soo much to write.

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No, she's ready to move on & by all sounds of it has. However just because you're relationship is over doesn't mean it never happened. She deleted you as a friend because you are no longer a part of her current life but you are still a part of her past, hence leaving the pictures.


I hope that's not too blunt. I'm sorry that things have ended but at the same time, I'd hate to think you're holding out for a woman that barely says hello to you

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I meanifthats the case then it def does hurt...but its not like her,,, but then. Againi never thought she wud break up wit me...it had beengiving me a glimmer of hope cuz I kno she did loveme once....I figured she was just not wanting to burn a bridge incase of coming back. I know with her ex previous tome. She deleted his pics in notime. Althogh tht was the second time she was with,,,,she gave him a second chance after 6months

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Who knows. She seems to like the attention. Maybe she thinks it looks good on her dating resume that a guy took her to all these fun and exciting places: "This could be you!" Or maybe she just thinks she looks good in the photos.


If it bothers you, untag yourself from the photos. I understand the feeling of not wanted to be paraded around in photos like a circus bear when she's not even your FB friend anymore.

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You guys r giving melittle to no hope in this situation... as far as the relationship having happened and all that...she really doesn't hav many pics of other people including friends onlyher 2 best friends and fam and the rest are of her. So let's say she isgoing tokeep pics of us for memories sake,,,doesn't that say she appreciated all the memories and times well spent? Which cud very well lead to her missing me? She also has photos of just me. I'm stillnot exactly moved on so it wud b difficult for me to untag myself, but eventually I will untag myself especially if I meet someone new.


I guess my question is, is. There a possibility she doesntwant to burn a bridge with me,,,I mean she did want to try to make it work and never got back to me wen I wrote to her saying I'm moving on and giving her space but if she wants to talk about the issues that I'm willing...


Two things she has always been is considerate and blunt...even when we were just friends. Very considerate of peoples feelings but won't beat aroundthe bush to tell u the truth in the most gentle way possible.this just seems very out of character for her.like I said with her other ex,,,his pics were gone in a heart beat

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well my facebook is deactivated atm. i dont really know if its worth the hassle. i dont look at them and if i did just seems a bit childish really and i dont want to do anything that comes accross as childish to her

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I'm guessing she thinks you are handsome and likes to show you off.


haha was that aimed at me? so im guessing people that break up and move..dumper or dumpee delete everything...freinds/blocking each other also including detagging pics of them and there ex?

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haha was that aimed at me? so im guessing people that break up and move..dumper or dumpee delete everything...freinds/blocking each other also including detagging pics of them and there ex?


Well i wouldn't mind leaving a "platonic" looking pic of us tagged on my facebook for a long time... My ex is Gorgeous,,, She looks great on my resume lol

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generally when your ex leave pictures of you up on their facebook it shows they are over you and have noemotional attachment to you anymore. more than likely they have forgot or not got round to takign them off or jsut not bothered. i untagged myself in all my photos after i blocked her. i jsut left one (not a picture of us though) it is still there. she probably hasnt even noticed our stuff at the back of her latest albums.


put it this way if i stil had feelings for someone the pictures would mean something to me(either in a good or bad way) after a break up they would come down if that was the case.


facebook isnt real life, its just a slice of the moment at that time. or people make out their life is super.


i do find it odd that you may start to date someone new and be able to delve into their past so easily. then what can of worms may you open?

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Well in my case my EX still has pics of us from pr from this year which she put less than a WEEK before breaking up with me and she's had so many of herself by herself she could have taken ours down and put those up... or others with fam.... Sigh i just guess i was hoping someone would tell me that she just didn't want to completely forget the relationship and the possibility of us working it out in the future. I know its going to take a lot more than facebook pics to figure that out.

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How do you block someone on FB without deleting them? I know how to hide updates, but this sounds like something different than that.


i havent done it. i deactivated mine...but i think it bascially doesent allow you to view each others profiles?? im not sure.


my ex wants to know why i blocked her..but i havent ive deactivated my account. u think i should tell her? or just do nout

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does anybody else feel even more rejected when you can see your ex online and they don't chat with you.


Desperately want to start a chat at the moment, Not allowing myself though



i keep her on as a test of strength


havent contacted in weeks


she has several times though. i intend to prevail.

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