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close friend had this dream of HAVING SEX with me


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My close friend who is of the opposite sex, explained to me the dream he had where we were having sex, and then i was complaining that i look fat and unhappy with my boobs. after that, we fought about it because he doesnt agree with the idea of plastic surg that i wanted to do, and ended we never talked again.

he went on by saying that it was "awesome, passionate, it was all day, we kissed we touched we had sex, foreply, blowjb was awesome, and that u were a great kisser."

nothing serious here, but just want to know what do dreams like this usually mean? specially by a close friend.

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I think the fact that he was so open about telling you about said dream means he's been thinking about it a lot since having the dream and is possibly sending you a not-so-subtle hint that he's attracted to you.


As for dream interpretation, it probably just means he's horny. Nothing too complex there.

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I don't think dreams like that mean much- but I do think it is odd that he took it to another level and actually TOLD you about it.


Yes, this is what I was thinking. It's one thing to have a sex dream about a friend of the opposite sex (I think those are normal or at least not concerning), but it's another to tell that friend in detail about what you were doing and actually enjoying it and not being embarrassed about it. I don't know, it would make me feel a bit uncomfortable. I know if I had a sex dream about a close male friend I wouldn't tell him- I'd be way too embarrassed- unless I felt something more for him and wanted to hint it at him.

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I think him telling you about it shows a level of comfort with you. Not a bad thing at all. How do you feel about him having this dream? I have had a few of these dreams and I have told them about it. They usually kind of laugh it off and have had one who said had the same dream once.

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from reading your post, I'm not altogether convinced the dream was even real. even if he did feel comfortable to share that kind of dream with you, why would he take that next step and tell you it was awesome if he didn't want a reaction from you? it seems to me like he's fishing here... its not really that uncommon for close friends to develop feelings for each other over time

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Dreams don't mean much, but how he felt afterwards is what you should be concerned about..

I agree with this poster. Usually ( at least for ME ) if i have dream i'm having sex with someone it means that I want to be close to them in some way. Emotionally.


But the way he described it when he was wide awake and blinking puts in in a whole 'nother light methinks. Looks like you have a horny admirer.

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