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my research study


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Where and how can I recruit human participants for a research study?

Trained marathon runners (especially females)

Untrained/novice males.


My study requires only 1 time participation but needs a blood sample.


I went to the nearby health clubs, health foods, running clubs, gym, this and that, put up flyers, gave my contact number. People are reluctant to come up on their own. I attended marathon running events, tried recruiting runners both before and after the run, its useless. People are not interested in talking to you before the run, they are busy with their own stuff (and I understand that). After the run they are too exhausted to talk.


Where can I find healthy males in a big number? I'm willing to pay them gas money. $10-$20 depending on the distance.


Thank you so much.

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I would list your credentials and what medical facility this is being done at to give you legitimacy. Maybe place an ad in the classifieds or a local wellness mag. Also, $10-20 isn't a lot for that. Find out what blood banks are getting. The red cross takes donations only but there are some blood and tissue banks that pay more than that so you want to beat them. People also worry about HiV risk from needles.

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Hi penny, thanks for replying. I was going to send you a message on ENA about this.

Here is the issue.


I'm sitting in my lab as I'm typing this message. I did think about craigslist and twitter. but our IRB didn't approve our putting up a message on craiglist. Also, when I shared this in confidence with my professor, he said no to that.

I still want to post a message using these sites, but I can't for the fear of getting caught. I've to mention the area of CA that I'm looking to recruit subjects from.


I thought of typing a simple message on twitter -

Healthy males from ..... and nearby areas, get to know your fat content through a research study! only 1-time visit! will pay gas money to qualifying participants! email....@....

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ofcourse, I posted it around campus. I am still looking for subjects.

I'm looking for age 40 & above and we have strict exclusion criteria. A lot of people didn't qualify. Those that did, some of 'em didn't want to give 1 tablespoon of blood.

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Sorry you're in CA, and need a blood sample. My dad is a 65yr old running the Boston marathon and has a large circle of marathon running friends....but, alas, Michigan.... try poking around for groups training for marathons. With Boston coming up in

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woah, hold on. You have to be very, very careful when using humans in a research studies. I am an undergrad bio major and we already have gotten multipule talks on all the things we have to do and people we must contact in order to use humans. If you go through all this and haven't registered your study and have not had it approved by all the local and national councils your research will mean nothing and nobody will publish you, plus huge fines can be involved for both you and your campus.


Assuming you have done all the necessary paper work and have been approved by all the necessary orginizations then post things around campus like others suggested. Depending on how much time you are asking from people $10 for an hour or two should be fine.

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What about confidentiality?


Also, what about saying what the study is really for? You don't want to tell so much that the results are skewed but you want to give people an idea of what your study is really about. Is it a study about oxygen levels, genetics, or what is it? You can be general but have to tell them.

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Did you fill out the IRB paperwork necessary for a human study? did they have any hints where you can find participants?

Yes, everything done. I already have collected 40+38 = 78 subjects, but I need untrained males and a few more trained marathoner females. So, I have been desperately looking.

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$10-$20 is not much incentive for blood samples... especially from trained runners who are likely to be involved in a much more busy lifestyle than your average joe. I'd seek outside funding... apply for a small research grant so you can afford to offer these people more money. Either that or just keep waiting.

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