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First Date.....mishap.....or romantic....too fast


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I have a dilemma, I met a gentlemen online we emailed each other and talked a couple of times. For our first date he asked me over to his place to cook dinner for me. I accepted the offer. It turned out really nice we ate, talked, watched a movie and kissed a little before I left for home. We are both in our 30s. It was my first time doing this and now I do not know how to feel.


He has called me every day since the dinner and asked me out this week.


Should I panic, it's not like me to do this. However, at no time did I feel uncomfortable or unsafe.


I Want things to work and do not want to go too fast. Any advice as to how to slow things down?


Don't want him to lose respect for me.

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It was just kissing. Also, maybe next time go to a movie or something where you don't wind up at eachother's houses. If you like him, I would continue to see him. Just don't put yourself in situations of kissing if you don't want to. But if you are fine with it - go with it.

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If you find yourself getting together with anyone else by the online dating way, just a heads up... I so wouldn't go to a guy's house that I'd never met before in my life, on a first date. One needs to be self careful.


I Want things to work and do not want to go too fast.


Any advice as to how to slow things down?


Just tell him that ^^^ You really enjoyed his company, you would like to continue seeing him 100% but do not wish things to move too fast. Let him know what pace is good for you. Meaning, exactly what that means in terms of contact, getting together, and behaviors. I can't see why he'd get "mad" or be put off by that if he is a healthy minded enough guy...


I also wouldn't kiss a guy I just met that very night. Firstly, the attraction born out of emotional connection wouldn't be quite there enough, and secondly, it may give off an impression I am moving faster than I actually would want to be (in your case)...


Though that part is over & done, & if that is fine with you then so be it. However if you feel the kissing was/is too fast also then tell him as well of course...

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