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If a single man acts like this towards a married woman, does it mean that he's into her?


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If a man does the following:


*Accepts that he should become friends with this single girl's married friend, because the single girl asks him

*Comments on the married girl's joke status

*Comments on a picture of the married girl and other interests they have similar

*Comments on the single girl's status to disagree with her only

*Doesn't email single girl back

*Emails married girl and talks about how single girl is trying to tell him what to do

*Tells single girl that NOTHING will ever happen between them 3 days after becoming friends with married girl (had asked single girl out a week before)

*Tells single girl that he's not interested in the married one b/c he doesn't want stress in his life

* Tells married girl the same but makes it a point to add "I've been down that road before..."

*Tells married girl he's "more than happy" to be friends with her (they've never met) but that nothing will ever happen between him and the single girl

*Emails married girl and is extra polite, unlike he is with single girl

*Tells married girl he's so sorry that single girl hurt her feelings

*Ignores single girl's emails

*Keeps posting things about literature that the married girl only would like

*She offers her FB friends homemade cookies (to be mailed) and he says he would "love" a box

*"Likes" a picture of the married girl where her cleavage is showing quite a bit!


Is he into the married girl? (It matters to me to know if he's into her. Honest opinions appreciated.)

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Well...he could find her personality more compatible with him as far as friendship goes. He may not be "in" to her though, but could feel more comfortable interacting with her because she is unavailable and a single gal may expect something (to like her, to get into a relationship). I don't think just because someone is single, it means a guy has to like them more. Or maybe he is just flattered by the attention.


I think you should stop checking up on him on Facebook - its not worth the stress. If you were his girlfriend I might say other things, but since he isn't in a relationship with you, I wouldn't try interpreting his behavior. It is not a competition between you two.

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*Tells single girl that he's not interested in the married one b/c he doesn't want stress in his life


If I'm not interested in the married one, I'd probably tell the single girl I'm not interested because I'm not interested. Not because I don't want stress in my life.

I suppose that can be a clue.

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Accepts that he should become friends with this single girl's married friend, because the single girl asks him


I am finding this first one very puzzling. Why would a single girl encourage a guy she is interested in to become friends with another woman, let alone a married woman?


I think there is a lot of context missing here so it is hard to make any kind of judgement on what is going on.

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In my opinion, these actions don't suggest that he's into the married girl but clearly suggest that he is NOT into the single girl.


This is clearly what I am getting. Married girl is safe, according to him, and an easy go between for him and you. It's also an extra voice telling you that he isn't interested.


Stop thinking about the situation and just move on, he is trying to tell you - most clearly - it aint going to happen.

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The married girl just posted a poem about being in love with someone but only wanting them if the love is returned...by an author they both like (and liked it before they met, you can see that on their pages). He liked the poem and commented that it was nice.... Would you comment on a love poem a married woman posted if you weren't into her?! Here it is:


"I want you to know

one thing.


You know how this is:

if I look

at the crystal moon, at the red branch

of the slow autumn at my window,

if I touch

near the fire

the impalpable ash

or the wrinkled body of the log,

everything carries me to you,

as if everything that exists,

aromas, light, metals,

were little boats

that sail

toward those isles of yours that wait for me.


Well, now,

if little by little you stop loving me

I shall stop loving you little by little.


If suddenly

you forget me

do not look for me,

for I shall already have forgotten you.


If you think it long and mad,

the wind of banners

that passes through my life,

and you decide

to leave me at the shore

of the heart where I have roots,


that on that day,

at that hour,

I shall lift my arms

and my roots will set off

to seek another land.



if each day,

each hour,

you feel that you are destined for me

with implacable sweetness,

if each day a flower

climbs up to your lips to seek me,

ah my love, ah my own,

in me all that fire is repeated,

in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten,

my love feeds on your love, beloved,

and as long as you live it will be in your arms

without leaving mine." - Neruda


This happened last night. And he deleted me from his friends and kept her. But does this mean he's into her? BTW, i only brought them together because I thought it would be safer if they became friends first - then if nothing happened, I could meet him in person, he would meet her in person too, and I could relax that nothing would happen between them.

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