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Girl I used to date seems interested... maybe?


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So this girl and I used to date (she wasn't looking for anything "serious" although we got really close), but after about two months she decided she was going to commit to this other guy because he was rich and was going to support her if she moved in with him. Shallow right? I told her she was an idiot, but she didn't care. Flash forward a year, I have just got out of a really serious relationship and I'm just looking for something light. She texts me out of no where (havent talked much since we broke up), and says "I miss you!"


I text her back, but she never responds. That was a few weeks ago. Last night I was out with some friends, and I got to thinking about her, so I text her to see what shes up to, but never hear anything back. Then, at about 4am she texts me back. Not only that but she tries to have a whole conversation with me, and is flirty! Out of no where, she says "you were right about it being a huge mistake to move in with that guy." I say yeah I know. She tells me she has a new apartment, and that we should hang out sometime.


Is she trying to start something here? I would have no problem hanging out with her, but Im not looking for anything serious. I actually think it would be pretty fun to have a little fling. How should i go about this?

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