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confused greatly need advice !


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Here goes guys. Been split up with my ex 5 weeks tomorrow. had a week off college where i never saw her in person (2 weeks ago) she began contacting me on facebook when I was online, telling me she missed me and even said that she loved me. This week I came back into college and she told me how nice I looked and started asking if I had been with anyone. I asked why she was bothered and jokingly asked if she wanted me back or something, she said no. A few minutes later though she asked what I'd say if she did want me back, I said I wouldnt go back at the moment anyway and that we should just see what the future holds for us both and remain friends.


Frequently in lessons she flirts with me and on tuesday we walked home together for the first time in I dont know how long. when I got by her house I said jokingly "do I not get a hug?" she gave me a hug and as I said I bettter get going she still didnt let go. Later on in that day I had coffee with a girl i hadnt seen in a while and my ex was questioning my brother on facebook about it.


Anyways long story short. Since about a week after we broke up shed been seeing this other guy but now his faults are starting to show and she tells me about them (hes insecure and paranoid). friday we were both a bit off but sh gave me a hug in lesson and we walked out together, when she seen her friends she just said bye to me though


Things have been going good the first half of the week but I felt things go cold towards the end of the week, could have been because she went to that guys house twice. I also asked if she wanted to do something saturday but she said she had plans (which she did). Maybe I came on too strong


I'm back in college tomorrow and I need to know how to go about this? I don't know what to do or say or whether she is using me or whether she genuinely does still care. she joins groups on facebook like " Just because I talk to other boys doesnt mean I want anyone else" and Im only jelous because you mean so much to me" however these groups could be meant for anyone.


I think im at the make or break point in this situation, any advice? I love this girl so much and I messed things up a whole lot. Id really appreciate any input here guys it means a lot


Much love

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I personally think it's not worth pursuing. When a girl acts like that, it's because she doesn't know what she wants. She feels the need to make you think she doesn't want you, but she is having doubts herself. She feels free from the relationship (hence the other guys), but a part of her still does care.

But without much more insight to your previous problems that caused the breakup, I think it's best you maybe loosen up on your feelings for her.

Best of luck.

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