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A couple of days ago I received an unexpected message from my colleague wishing me happy Chinese new year and saying she hoped I won't feel lonely being alone for the new year.


So I replied to her message expressing my thanks. She said I was a nice guy so she saved my number to her cell phone, telling me I can send her message if I feel like talking to someone.


Today when I was shopping with my friends I received a message from her asking me if I have msn so she can talk to me. I gave it to her and I told her I was outside and could talk only after I got home. She then replied saying if I was having dinner outside and said it's not good for health to eat outside often and asked me to take good care of myself. (she sounds kina like my mom)


so tonight when I got home she told me that she was sorry she couldn't talk because her friend broke up with her boyfriend and she need to keep her friend company and she told me that she was drinking alcohol or something.


Late tonight (00:30 plus) she sent me a message that was obviously not intended for me saying she was with her heart broken friend drinking and asked someone to pick her friend up because she was almost drunk. She shortly sent over another message saying the previous message was wrongly sent and sorry if she had awakened me up, saying it is not good for health to stay up or something like that and asked to not to stay up. I am a bit confused about what happens to her. Any ideas on this? Thanks for listening.

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