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Girls like the guys who dress ghetto and try to act tough....like the guys who seem like they dont need the girl and can do without her.


For example.


1. A guy likes a girl, but she doesnt really like him. The guy acts tough, stops talkking to her, ignores her. Eventually she likes him


2. A guy likes a girl, but she doesnt really like him. The guy begs, stays her friend, is nice to her. He stays as a friend.



Can any girls verify this?

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Girls DO want nice guys. What they don't want, however, is a nice guy who lacks certain aspects found mostly, but not exclusively, in the jerks you're talking about. They crave these things. You have to have what I call the Three C's - ever so trite, isn't it? The three C's are:


Charm - The ability to hold a conversation, be humorous, and dish out compliments with creativity and style. Believe it or not, "You have such shapely collarbones" is a far better compliment than "You're beautiful", just because it's something you rarely hear.


Challenge - That perfect mixture of flirtatiousness and elusiveness that leaves girls wondering, "Does he like me?". They LOVE that feeling of not having total control.


Confidence - The ability to take risks and handle the inevitable pain and rejection that is so much a part of dealing with the opposite sex with dignity and poise. After all, you know you're the biggest catch this side of Albuquerque! It's her loss, not yours. NOTHING is a bigger turn-off than desperation.


Charm is what most nice guys have, and most jerks don't. But jerks do have more confidence and challenge than those who complain of Nice Guy Syndrome. They've got you outnumbered two to one. Self-proclaimed Nice Guys need to get the rest of the package. You need to show girls that you can be sexy, fun, and full of attitude without sacrificing the heart of gold you know makes you a better man than all the insensitive jerks out there.


Get the three C's and you'll never be at a loss for excitement and fulfillment in your love life.

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Lets put it this way, if you were dating a girl on a friday and she's all over you on the first date, and is "easy". Then saturday you date another girl and she doesnt go further than a peck on the cheek. Which of the two girls would you respect most on sunday?


Its the same with girls, if your all eager to please, and kiss her feet, your considered "easy". Women like men like a challange. "the hunt".


When i first started my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, i dated her occasionally, she knew i had another girl in my life, (that i had no emotional ties to) and basically i really didnt think it would get serious, as time went by i really started to like her a lot, i was always a romantic, loving respecting man to her, and things were only getting better and better, but she did something once (to long to get into) that made me decide to break up with her. I actually just told her to leave, get out of the car. later she did everything but get on her knees for forgiveness. This was the ONLY argument i ever had with her in 4 years as a couple. I didnt tell her I loved her until about a year into the relationship, although i was and am the kindest most sensitive guy you could imagine,. I was a "drill sargent" superviser, strict on the employees under my watch.


4 years go by and then she dumps me like a rag, did I treat her any less, no on the contrary, I spent more time with her, always something new and fun, we were making plans, and i was very caring.


so what happened. Although there are other factors but here is the difference, her "Image" of me changed although i never did change the way i was with her.


when she first got to know me: I had another girl, told her from the start, (I dont lie) , I didnt call her, id let her call me if she wanted me, my job was commanding the operation of the company, i ran the ship.


So how did she see me, Someone that is so confident that he doesnt even try and hide the fact he has another girl, Someone that takes command and can make decisions on his feet, Someone that seems to care less whether she calls or not. these are the traits that attracted her to me, my other traits are what made her fall in love with me. (Romantic spontanous, passionate, respectful and great lover etc.)


So what happened, I became self employed, I of course split with the other girl , me and my girlfriend were more like a couple calling each other, id basically do anything she asked, I loved her to much, if she wanted to be with me, id be there. she was always very gratful, it went both ways, she also would go out of the way so that we could be together we really "loved" each other, we started making wedding plans and vacation plans, 2 weeks later she dumps me.


Even though im the same loving , caring man that she loved so much, I have lost value in her eyes. She was evil for what she did, but i bet you that if the tables were turned and it was I that dumped her first 2 weeks earlier when she was telling me that she couldnt stand being without me for more than 3 days, that she missed and needed me so much it hurt, she would be at my door asking me why I dumped her and to please forgive her for whatever it was she did. of course it hapened the other way around.


So yep the "image" of a needy un-confident and desperate looking man is not that attractive to women in general, . Thats why the tough ghetto guys (James Dean and Mc Queen in early days) got more dames. but they dont get them all. You see, most of those girls learn a lesson, those ghetto guys, dis them, cheat on them, treat them like trash, some dont learn and keep going after the same guys over and over again. others will say, hey next time im gonna get me a "Nice" guy. My girlfriend broke up with me and she is already regretting it, shes crying all the time im told, and I will never ever go back to her and she knows she has zero chance of ever getting me back with me.


Eventually ill find one of those "Find a nice guy" girls, and make her the happiest women alive.


Did you ever see that movie, "Fast times at Ridgmont high"? if not, rent it, besides being funny, there are some good tips in it.

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I completely disagree. When I first started dating my ex, I viewed the entire thing as casual; it was only his efforts to treat me well and show me his commitment to a serious relationship (which completely evaporated later, but that's a different rant...) that made me fall in love with him. It sounds like the girls you're talking about are too immature to REALLY be considering a serious relationship. Nice guys always finish first with serious-minded women. Though there's alot to be said for charm and confidence, I disagree with the concept of challenge: it gives me a headache just thinking about it. The main attraction factor for me in a guy is knowing that he's willing to be there for me 100%--head games really turn me off.

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