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HELP!!! Is a trip to the vet in order????!!!! I'm not sure!!!


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Hey all....


So...for all you fellow cat lovers...i have a question.


I have 2 cats...brother and sister from the same litter...the girl has ALWAYS been a tiny little thing. Her brother...well...i used to call him my tubbo kitty. He was always bigger but not really fat. He's taller and thicker then his sister and always has been. He's generally not the most playful cat ever but they play tag and he'll play when the mood strikes him.


Recently i've noticed he's lost a LOT of weight!! I bought my first home (condo)a couple of months ago and they seem to be loving it!! I keep my balcony door open when the weather is good and its become a new game for them to chase and kill the bugs. At first i thought he was just getting more exercise then normal and was losing weight. But now he seems to be losing a lot!! He is still his same ol suck hole self and from what i've seen in the past...when cats aren't feeling well they generally tend to hide...he isn't hiding at all. If anything...he's become MORE sucky!! Neither of them are outdoor cats either. But i'm concerend. Should i take him to the vet? The trip to see them will be nearly $100 just to walk in. I KNOW he LOOKS fine though!! His coat is still soft and shiny...and not falling out more than usual. His eyes are bright and clear. He's wide awake and wanting food everytime i hit the kitchen too. If he doesn't seem to be acting like he's in pain should i take him? Money is a little tight and short of doing blood work on him i dont' think they'll SEE anything. Another $100 i'm sure for a needle or 2.


I should note that i used to ONLY feed them dry food up until a few months back...whiskas meaty selection...and they'd get wet food once a week as a treat. they still get the same dry food all day as i just keep some in their dish...but i've started giving them wet food once a day for dinner. Heard its better for them. Now it seems though that he ONLY wants the wet food but i WILL not give it to him whenever he 'asks'...which is every time i open the fridge.


So...should I worry yet or wait until his personality changes??

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Thing is...the weight loss hasn't been within a short period...like the last 2 weeks or anything. Its been very gradual. At first i didn't really notice anything...friends did cuz they don't see him everyday. He's not wasting away either...he's still a 'big' boy...just not AS big.


Its been at least over the last 4-5 months or so i'd say. Still see urgency? I just don't really know what to do.

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They have been outside yes...but never them just wandering wherever they'd like.


His fur is the same. Loses it like normal shedding.


As for the water? he doesn't seem to be drinking a lot of it but i can't compare to anything as i've never watched before. The water level goes down i can see that much.

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In case of any unexpected/unexplained weightloss, I'd recommend a visit to a doctor for a human or feline Of course the other things are positive signs- his fur, his eyes... still he could have something with his thyroid going on or something he acquired from other cats or stuff he eats now (worms... that kind of thing).


And maybe it sounds crazy... and I don't really know how far outside your cats get to be, but they can have tremendous weightloss.... by eating frogs. It's insane but I've seen it in the anorexic-looking but completely healthy cat of my friend.

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I wondered if he could have picked up an infection but I think it doesn't sound too serious, although even saying that you should get him checked out just in case it is something else. If he's healthy in every other way I wouldn't worry too much but take him to the vets just to be sure, because they'll know a lot more about cat health than most people here

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No frogs for these kitties! lol. They only got as far as the fence when they were allowed in the yard at my old place...i moved mid June and they've only had the balcony since then. 3rd floor up.


I suppose I'll take him in. My brother has 2 cats...one has a thyroid problem and she takes medicatin. The other is diabetic and takes insulin twice a day!!!


I guess it couldn't hurt him...just my pocket book...but the fuzzy bastards are worth it!!! I was gonna say their weight in gold but then i'd be losing money wouldn't I??!! Hahaha....

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I didn't realize you had to deworm indoor cats that often!!! They did get their first round of shots and all that when i got them fixed at what? 6 months old. But aside from that?...i only took the girl in once since b/c she had somethign wrong with her eye.


I think he just got spoiled and is now picky and wanting wet food all the time. I'm trying to force him to eat the dry stuff too....like not giving in when he 'begs' me. BUt i am making an appointmet today with the vet...better safe then sorry i suppose. I love my little man and wanna make sure he's ok!!!


Is it best to make an appointment for both even though Rowyn seems perfectly fine????

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cats are extremely stubborn and if they're getting wet food more regularly and obviously like it he's probably starving himself in an attempt to force you into giving him more wet. They're sneaky like that.


My cat is always on wet, sometimes with a bit of dry mixed in.

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