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ive known this guy (we'll call him Cas)for a couple years now, we had some history back then but it ended and we didnt talk after that. he recently added me on facebook and we caught up on the usual stuff, next thing u know we are meeting up when we go clubbing having a few drinks together, few dances, then it turned into a few makeout sessions and this happened every week for about a month..


and then my ex came back into the picture..he wanted to try 'us' again so i told Cas straight up that i might be working things out with my ex again and i hope there isn't any hard feelings. he was completely understanding and respected the fact that i was honest with him.


i guess i realised things with the ex werent going right, he broke up with me and dragged me through so much crap earlier this year.. me and my ex were seeing each other for a few weeks (but i didn't sleep with him at all, i wantd to wait until we got back together before i gave myself to him again) and then one weekend me and Cas decided to go clubbing together and i ended up taking him home. yeah i felt guilty.. but the next day i found out my ex had been ringing a girl's cell phone from MY house phone, a girl who i was suspicious about when we were actually going out earlier this year because i was so sure he liked her and i heard stories about her thinking they had something going on while i was overseas..i believed him when he told me there was nothing and that he never talks to her or anthing like that. but after finding out that he was 'friends' and him coming up with the most ridiculous stories thinking i am still stupid enough to believe him i fully cut him out. i was furious and humiliated. but felt that at least i found out sooner rather than later..before i invested too much into it,.


so me and Cas have been seeing more of each other, we text each other every day and last week he stayed with me friday and we had a few drinks and watched movies and saturday night he stayed again after a night on the town. this weekend he stayed on friday but on saturday..i had more drama that included the ex..

i had a mutual friend tell me how my ex was seeing some other girl BEFORE he decided to get back with me god knows WHY he thought i even needed to know that even though he KNEW that me and him were fully over. i told him that i dont care about my ex anymore and that i hated him for what he did yet this friend was trying to argue with me and telling me how i should feel saying stuff like 'aw come on, you loved each other once right?u cant hate him etc' .. i was pretty drunk by this time and was angry and embarrassed and annoyed that he even approached me about this topic. Cas noticed i was upset and when he realised it was about the ex he got all weird and distant, he decided not to stay with me because he thought that i'd need time to myself.. at the time i felt really upset but now i realised that he was only doing what he thought was best for my situation. and i appreciate that.


we talked things out and hung out on sunday too and had dinner together and hung out at my place, we talked for ages about our 'situation' and how im scared about what will happen because its unpredictable; we have no obligation to each other but i feel like i can really fall for this guy.. i told him that im happy with the way things are going but im worried i will get attached. and he said that he feels the same way and that he always looks forward to seeing me and is willing to see what happens.


he is genuinely a nice guy and also went through a breakup about 4months ago. he seems to be fine though, we're quite open about our past relationships.


we both aren't ready for a relationship right now and i am happy with the situation we have but i think i am really starting to like this guy and i dont really know what i have got myself in or whether or not i should stop seeing him so i don't develop any more feelings? does it seem like hes a rebound even though i was seeing him before my ex came back into the picture? im not so sure what it is..


thanks for reading! xo

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