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Still hanging about on dating site...


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OK, here's the deal. I met a guy on a dating site, sent a few emails back-and-forth, text a bit. Tuesday evening we spontaniously met up and went to a pub for a drink and chat. It went pretty well, he seems nice, we have some things in common, he was respectful, etc. I'm going away for a week tomorrow, and he asked during that date/meet-up/whatever you want to call it if I want to do something when I get back, I said yes. He said he wanted to teach me Guitar Hero before in one of the emails, because I said I'm rubbish at it. So I said "maybe we can hang out and you teach me that GH" He asked me if I had met anybody else off the site, and I asked him if he was planning on meeting anyone else (in a smiley kinda way) he said no and asked if I am. I jokingly said "nope, not yet, but I maybe will if you don't let me steal your CD collection!" (we had a joke about that because we have a real similar music taste- his favourite band is one of my very favourites, etc.) He asked for a kiss at the end of the night, and we had a peck, no making out though.


When I got home he sent a text saying he had a great time, and grrr because he bet the next week is going to go really slow. I sent one back saying thanks and that I had a good time too. This morning I sent him a text saying good morning, looking forward to seeing you when I get back. He said the same. We swapped a few texts again. He had asked me to get the autograph of this giant bear that is at the holiday camp I'm going to (a man dressed up obviously XD) and I said how I can't believe he was going to make me ask it for it's autograph! He said how I have a choice, either that or a kiss and the desicion is mine. I playfully said "Oohhh, I'll have to have a long hard think about that one. Heh." And that was that.


Buutt, here's the thing. I've noticed that he's been on that same dating site a few times. Once on the night we met! like just before midnight, and then this afternoon. Now, before you ask how I would know I must be on there - I went on there to see if he has been on there. Yeah yeah, I know. I don't think he will know I've been on there because we haven't done the whole favourite thing. I know we're not in a relationship, and I actually want to take it slowish and get to know him before I comitt to anything anyway. But, am I to be worried? Why would he still be hanging out on there? Is he BSing me? What are the chances he's talking/meeting with other girls?

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There is always the chance of meeting someone else whether on a dating site or not... that's the risk we take in relationships...


If you are wanting to take it slow then you shouldn't be sooo exclusive sooo early on.


Maybe he is online checking to see if you are online??? What if he is conversing with other girls but has no plans to meet up and doesn't want to be rude and drop them like a hot potato leaving them to think * * * ?


I would be a little put off if a guy I went out once expected me to drop everything and be exclusive.


I met a guy on a dating site and while I wasn't actively looking I still kept my account current and logged on and answered emails for a couple of months... now of course the account has been gone for 2+months as the guy and I are really serious.


Just don't go overboard with over analyzing... it will kill the best of relationships.

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Plus he may be doing the same thing you are.


I did think that, lol.


I would be a little put off if a guy I went out once expected me to drop everything and be exclusive.


Yeah, I know. I've not said anything to him about it at all. It just makes me uneasy wondering if he's lying to me. I know there's always the chance someone is, but I don't want to be blind to something obvious. I dunno, he seems to be very interested, but I'm not sure why he's on there still. My profile is hidden at the moment. I actually done it before I met him though, because I was getting a bit annoyed with emails from most others. There were a few other nice guys I was conversing with, but he stuck out and also lives the closest, so it was easy to meet him. And because I met him, I thought I'd just leave it hidden.

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