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So, I went on my first date in almost 6 years tonight. Typically I am not very shy, but tonight I was super nervous. I met him out at a local brewery, we had a couple drinks, and I had a really good time! At the end of the night, he walked me to my car and gave me a hug. We agreed to hang out again.


Now, I've been out of the game for a while, and he seems to be really shy anyway, but is it bad that he didn't go in for a goodnight kiss? I really wanted to kiss him goodnight, but I was too scared - I guess part fear of rejection and part surprise over my feeling that way about someone on my first date after so long.


I'm not opposed to being the one to make the phone call for the second date, I just HATE not knowing if he likes me too. Should I just throw caution to the wind and call in a couple days to arrange another date? UGH, I hate dating already!

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Thanks guys


It's just been so long since I've been in the game, it's so weird to me. I'm usually very outgoing, NOT shy at all. But last night, I was beside myself!


I'm going to be optimistic today, and say since I got a nice, strong hug he likes me too and he was just being a gentleman because he knows I just got out of a long relationship


This is incredibly stressful, though. Just sayin'. Hehe!

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I hate this. I HATE being paranoid.


So, I bit the bullet and I made the first call after the first date. Date was Saturday night, and I just called - I figured two days was long enough. He didn't answer. I left a message, and now I CAN'T call again!


Now I'm feeling all low and thinking he's not interested. Is this rational? No. But I can't help it.

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Relax, it's all good but you were a bit hasty on calling him. I can sympathize with jumping back into the dating game after awhile and being excited when things go well on the first date but you should let it play out and see what happens. Let him make the first move. But you made the first call and regardless of whether it was too soon, if he likes you he will be receptive.

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I agree...just relax! LOL.


I think it's fine that you called. You're interested...what's the problem? I prefer women who don't play games...if they like me and had a nice time on the date then send a text or call me....it's flattering.


Now just sit back and relax and wait for him to call you back. If he doesn't, then just chalk it up to you two not being a good match and look for someone new.

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You will be fine. He sounded like a nice guy, and you had a good night out. Its hard to get into the flow of dating. I took several years off and only have been in hunt for someone special for over a year. I understand your pain. I am still clueless and lost as ever

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I wouldn't play games and, if you're looking for a potential relationship and not just a fling, I would let the man do most of the asking out for at least the first 5 dates - and do all of the asking for the first three at least. If you just want a fling, no need to wait for him to do the asking.

I don't think he was obigated to return your call if he wasn't interested in a second date - to me silence was always fine as a way of expressing disinterest after only a few dates. What I didn't like were the men who thought I must be pining away for them after only a few dates and would take great pains to tell me how wonderful I was (how did they know that?) despite not being a match for them. I found that pretty arrogant. But, that's just me.

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