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Is this manager attracted to me?


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Ok, I have this manager at my job, he used to be over my area. He stares at me A LOT. When I first started working there, he would quickly look away when I caught him looking at me. Then it got to the point where he wouldn't look away, just continue staring. I have seen him peeking around corners, staring at me. He is no longer a manager in my area, he's over another group now, but I still catch him staring. I get mixed signals from him...sometimes it seems he is attracted to me, other times it doesn't. Sometimes he seems nervous around me and doesn't look me in the eye. He has never made any moves on me, and he doesn't seem as friendly with me as he does with my other co-workers. I don't know maybe I am reading too much into this...but why would he constantly stare at me? Especially now that he is not my boss anymore. I will admit that I am kind of attracted to him...is it possible that my attraction for him is obvious and he is nervous because of this reason? But still, I would think he would look away everytime we made eye contact if that were the case.

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