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Chick is leaving and i know she's attracted


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so, at work she goes up to me and goes, hey my last day is next week bla bla bla. We've been flirty at work and stuff but i figured she does this to everyone else. She grabs my butt and i reciprocate


So, she tell me the above and so i go "Soooo, watcha doing this weekend??" in a flirty but obvious tone of what i wana do.. have sex! ehem..


girl: well.. i have family get together bla bla bla.


me: alright


girl: why? what are you hinting at


me: powchicapowpow


girl: uhh you're soo dumb =). Well you got my number u know how to reach me


(she was the one who asked for my number and iniated text way back)



So ladies, do you normally not say "I'M FREE on saturday" right away when guy asks you directly what you're doing? You kinda play it hard a little?

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As I'm not a chick I probably cannot advise you. I'm not the type to grab a butt or be charmed by a man who calls me a chick and just wants sex or pow....., a phrase I associate with that deoderant teenage buys use. So if you acted like that in front of me I wouldn't be playing hard to get, I would be gone. She grabbed your ass maybe shes crude too.

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I have the answer!!!!


Next time go, "powchicapowpow", then casually add a hard right wink , incorporate a *nudge* to her upper arm, then if she still isn't getting the hint take the condom out of your wallet, point at it and laugh hysterically. This has to work. Get back to me.


ps... best post ever.

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dude, unless thats the way you joke with her you did not make it obvious you wanted to hang with her. No matter how firtations or playful a woman is, they want to hear the concrete question or answer. If you want to get to know her and hang with her, ask her to hang but if all you wanna do is bump uglies, than thats your biz but telling her powchicapowpow wont get you laid either.

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I think his answer depends on their age, i can see this working for someone from the 18-23 age group, since they have been grabbing and all. Definitly depends on his intentions too i agree, sounds like he doesnt care much from his post, but who knows. But i thought the quote was funny and direct maybe a little to direct, but it can be hit or miss, she didnt seem to mind to much, "youve got my number" is better than "never talk to me again" sooo....

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