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My bf is on phone all the time! is he talkin to a grl?


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I know this would seem very typical problem but i really don't know what to do. Lately, my bf is on phone most of the times and as i call and find waiting on his line for hours sometimes and at midnight too! I try to believe that he is not cheating on me but it's really hard to do so. As i ask him who is he talkin to he keeps tellin me that hes talkin to one of his friends and that he has a big issue so it needs long discussion blah blah. This friend i don't even know.


I really don't know what to say to him when he gives such excuses. I don't wanna sound like accusing him. and i can't prove it at the same time. Maybe it's really his friend but it's been a long time now and when i ask him whats the problem he says its private.


Besides, i find him not wanting to talk to me a lot like before and all in a bad mood.


Is it obvious that he is cheating on me? or is it just me making assumptions? What should do? or say to him? please give me advice i don't wanna break up with him!

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he is 35 am 26


Well I asked because I thought maybe he was in high school or something...But 35 & chatting on the phone that long with a friend is very unusual. I gotta agree with everyone else, I never met a guy that even likes to talk on the phone more then 15mins, the only time a guy spent tons of time on the phone with me was the beginning stages of a relationship. I would be suspicious too.


Do you guys see eachother a lot?

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no he always says hes tired


see, that to me is suspicious. ok, so say he's tired. you two can still watch a DVD together and cuddle on the couch. there are plenty of activities you can do that don't involve going out on the town or going mountain biking or whatnot. if he's not making time for you, and he's suddenly unavailable because of this big "problem" his male friend is having, it sounds like a bad sign.

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I can't face him if he lies to me cuz i don't have any proof. and i don't wanna accuse him of talkin to a girl cuz this would just ruin the relationship between us. we were fine but the last two weeks he became different.


His mobile sometimes is not on waiting but his home line is busy busy busy and when i call his mobile he doesn't answer. Then he calls me back and his home line is suddenly not busy. when i ask him were you talkin on home line? he says no it might be his brother or someone else.


He always has an excuse and i can't seem to face him and tell him that he is lying to me

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the longest my calls are, are about 15 minutes. and i'm rarely on the phone.


the only time i've ever been on the phone for a long time was trying to work through a problem with a gf when we cannot meet face to face.


i'm a guy. he's either a gabby gay dude or he's cheating or doesn't want to talk to you. i'm sorry, but i don't think this is good.

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