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Rim Jobs


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I discovered in my last relationships, the glory of the rim job! I always thought of it before as nasty..but I tried it once, and by gawd I love giving rim jobs, absolutely love it! so my ex got them all the time... I'm just curious how many woman out there like recieving rim jobs? or giving them, never got one myself, just been on the giving end...always thought the taste would be too nasty to bear, but my ex was very clean down there..just curious on other people opinion on this..

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Ewww...I would never ever lick someone's * * * * * * * . I've had it done to me by my ex and I hated it.


I was suprissed it wasn't that bad at all, but my gf at the time was very clean! Like I said before I was suprised how much I enjoyed it, and its quite the visual her butt just ready for a licking...a nice view of her backside, don't knock somethin till ya try it but I guess you tried it...I use to think it was nasty too..but I'm past that obviously lol

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I like giving it to the guy... I mean I really like giving it, it turns me on. i think I sort of like being degraded/humiliated and it's the thought of "doing something really nasty" that gets me off. I just did it to my bootycall last week actually and he really liked it. I just went for it. None of my exes have let me do it to them, their area back there was always off-limits... This new guy is more open-minded... He was really clean... It tasted good... lol It was the first time I did it and I'm going to do it to him everytime I see him now...

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I hope no woman I date ever tells me that she did this to a guy. there was a vomit emoticon


I'm with you. I'm not sure I'd want to kiss a man who has had his tongue on/in a butt hole, no matter how long ago it was


I'm also now convinced that some of these cases of "food poisoning" are probably from people doing this. Even if you take a shower, there are still traces of bacteria (like e-coli) left around the ring. Just because you can't see it or taste it, it doesn't mean it's not there!

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