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Should I contact him?

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Mine was a 3.5 years of relationship. I brokeup with my boyfriend in May2009. Since then we havent contacted each other. Now I feel like contacting him. But can you please tell me why he havent contacted me once after our breakup. Should I contact him?


Please help me.




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I opened a thread about a similar thing. Asking why the dumper would want to contact their ex after hurting them?


Don't interrupt his life now. You made your decision to leave, what do you expect from him now? He obviously has moved on, I'm sure it was hard for him, so just because you feel like contacting him does not mean you should bring up the past into his life after dumping him.


I know that I wouldn't want my ex to contact me after a few months of NC, since he's the one who dumped me.

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So, this is 3 months later? You could send him an email or something. Just be clear about why you're getting in touch.

If I were him, I'd be wondering why someone who just dumped me decided to call. It would annoy me unless the motive were clear enough to understand it.

If you're hoping for a reconciliation, tell him you'd like to get together to talk. He may say no, but you'll have at least tried.

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You dumped him? Now you want to contact him? but your wondering why he hasnt contacted you??


Seriously, it was probably the hardest thing he has ever done letting you go. He hasnt contacted you becouse he has some pride and dignity and respected your decision to leave. And now you think its perfectly alright to probably go screw up his life again??


This aint a game. Why do you want to contact him? whats your reason??? You left him, now deal with it and unless you are serious about reconciliation do the lad a favour and let him go.

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Ultimately... for dumpee.... no


it will make you feel worse, I guarantee you that... I've been through, it was terrible...


find something else to do, contact someone else(friends, former college). Watch movie, or have a nice bath, erm, my point is that, just get him outta your mind when you feel wanna contact him, anyway will do...


Please, don't hurt any party.... respect and follow the NC rule.

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