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Feeling low again, what triggered it this time?


Well, I e-mailed her a quick brief message asking when she will be able to pick up the rest of her stuff. (after a recent conversation with her, I told her I still had feelings after 5 months and mostly NC, I feel that some of her stuff being here is making it more difficult for me to move on)


What brought me down was her reply. it basically was as cold as any I have had from her before. I guess I see her moving the last of her stuff out as quite a big thing. Like its the last connection I have with her. Just thought that perhaps she would show some kind of recognition of that. But no. She was unemotional detailing the practicalities of the her getting it.


Disappointed is what I am feeling. She is even quite happy to not see me when she does it. Makes me feel a bit sick.


Oh well guess I just needed to post instead of writing an angry reply to her.

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