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how do i let a friend know im interested

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ask her out.


what do you mean hanging out? what activities are you already doing?


everyone reacts differently to being asked out if they are already a friend. could be bad, could be good even if it's a NO. chance you take.

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so after some chit chat texting today....


i said "why dont you let me take you out when you get back in town. well go to blah blah blah"


and she responds "you know ive never been there actually"


so i said "well then youre definitely going to have to come with me"


so she just says "haha ok"



....so looks like i have a date. just unsure by her lack of enthusiasm. thoughts?

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Listen to ghost. He has good advice. He gave some good advice, on a few threads that I started about the same topic. However, me being shy I took a while.


This is how I asked her. I told her I wanted to ask her something, but after I ask her depending on the response I don't want things to be strange between us because we are really good friends. And things arn't strange between us how I thought they would be. She straight up told me that she hasn't quite moved on since breaking up with her ex and that she was flattered that I asked her and she appreciated me but right now just wants to stay friends.

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