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do you think this is a bad idea? PLEASE read!


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im in college and a girl i use to be close close friends with was with her boyfriend for about 9 months and they broke up about 2 months ago. me and her had a lot of disagreements through out the year, and basically cannot standdddddd eachother now! AT ALL! its bad...so anyway, i met her boyfriend oonce when i was hanging out with her, and also have talked to him online once in a blue moon. they have been broken up, he broke up with her. she was always in school with other guys shortly after they broke up- it was as if she didnt even care. he is a very cute guy, very caring too. well, shes always talking to other guys in school, and became a HUGE attention who*e!


i was talking to him online the other day and we talked for a long time! he even held the conversation, and was very nice! im not sure if he knows that me and his ex can barely stand eachother anymore either. i also thought they do not talk anymore because shes always telling her guy and girl friends that he is literally gay. they have not talked until i saw she wrote on his facebook wall as if they are still friends, even though it is the usual..(her writing on TONS of guys facebooks being SO flirty)


im not sure if i should keep tlaking to him and eventually hangout with him and get to know him, and see where it leads to=) or if this is a bad idea since i go to school with her, yet we cannot stand eachother!

he goes to a different college than us 2 by the way...



any advice? thank you all and sorry for the long situation!

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Well my mom married a guy her friend dated, that would be my dad. They were married for the duration of his life. I don't really know the full story it changes but they are still friends so it must have had her approval.


Basically I'm saying don't dish a guy because a friend dated him. Granted he broke up with her so there might be some hurt feelings but she doesn't own him. I guess it really depends on what's more important to you. Her friendship or that guy. If things develop they do but it could be a lot of wishful thinking on your part as well, he may just like your friendship.

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me and her are not friends- at all. my question is would it be a good idea to ask him to hangout or somehow exchange numbers or something? or would he not want to be involved or hangout because maybe he thinks me and his ex are still friends ( if they still talk ) OR because he knows we do not talk...there are so many possibilities!

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If u truly don't care about that chick and her feelings and are prepared to deal with the drama it might bring then go for it


Talk to him again and subtley mention that you and his ex aint koo no more and jus see his reaction and feel out how he percieves u after that statement


If still all good then, go with the flow. Don't anticipate getting with him or nothing jus see if maybe he seems interested in u too then go from there

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