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Do I continue to look online while dating.....


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Dating another girl, seems like this one might go a little further than the others, but............On days when we don't hang out I get no emails/messages from her and I see her online at the dating site. So I assume she is looking at other profiles, I find it hard to believe she is just logged on and not looking around.


Should I do the same? If we go into a full on relationship is this gonna cause problems knowing each other was talking to people online with the idea of finding another/better person to date? Is it best to just stay off the thing and wait to see where this one goes? Can she legitimately get mad at me for searching around when she is doing the same?

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Tell her you'd like to exclusively date her (if you do) and ask her if she'd like that as well.


Are you looking on the site when you log on or are you just checking to see if she is still going on there? Maybe you are both just checking on each other, mistakenly thinking the other is looking around when really neither of you are. She could just be doing exactly what you are doing.

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I don't know. I hate it when the guy that I have just met from online dating is on the site the very next day. Makes me question things and think "he's looking for someone better" and in most cases I was right... That said I was still logging on to check whether he was - so in my case it was purely innocent! When I meet someone in person and really like them, I don't bother with the dating site again (except to check if they're online), I wouldn't keep trawling for new people unless I wasn't 100% sure about the person.


That said it's all speculation. I say do whatever feels comfortable, you're not exclusive, she's online, you can be online, she can't get mad at you for doing that. But if you feel comfortable, have the exclusivity talk - when you're ready that is!


Good luck!



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