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Is the love still there?


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I know that I might be too young to know what love is, but i truly believe that I have fallen in love. I was in a relationship about a month ago but I'm currently single and heart broken. I was with my ex boyfriend for 8 months, and we were deeply in love with each other, and we were so close with each other. After 4 months summer came and kept us apart so he broke up with me, then when school rolled along we got back together because we still had a lot of feelings left for each other. The next 3 months were amazing, it was the perfect relationship, he was so in love with me, and I was in love with him. We've became so attached to each other, and we were on top of the world. Even though everything was good we had arguments, stupid ones that I would start a lot, and in the end that's what caused the relationship to end. He just got tired of all the fighting, and he told me that he still loves me, just not as much as before. The last month we tried really hard to get things back to normal but the feeling wasn't the same. We decided to end it because it was getting nowhere and we were both hurt.


It's been about a month since then and I think he's over me but I'm not sure, if you were in love with someone how can you let all that go in a couple of weeks? Why am I still here crying over it, I'm still hurt from it, and I really miss having him around, having someone there to talk to me at night and telling me he loves me, and that I mean the world to him. I just want to know if people can fall back in love? Can you really get back to what you had before? Should I tell him how I feel right now, even if he doesn't want to hear it, because that's maybe why I'm not over him. I just want to be happy again.

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