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I've been on the pill for about 8 months now on the 21 day pill packs.


However, these past TWO months, my periods have been irregular. Last month my period came late, about a week. That month I did forget to take the pill about twice, so I took two pills in a day, twice. I restarted my pill pack accordingly after my period.


This month, I'm mid-third week of taking the pills (so almost done) and my period is already starting.


Should I be worried? I don't think I'm pregnant by the way. I'm just wondering if there could be any side effects hormonally that could be causing this?

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you took two pills in a day, twice. was that 2 days in a row? that could mess with your period.


sometimes you spot a little right before you finish your pill pack, it's normal. if it keeps happening, might wanna let your doc know, might not be the right pills for you, you might need a different level of hormones or something.

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Yes, so far it is light. I usually get the cramps and such around this time, with maybe a little blood when I wipe (Sorry, TMI)... my boyfriend also said it could be the two-pill thing, but I figured I'd ask.


yeah. taking the pills late or two at once can affect the lining of your uterus, which could cause some to break off and cause the spotting. are you taking any medications? also, is this a monophasic or triphasic pill (do the level of hormones stay the same or do they change throughout the month?)

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yes, Tricyclen is a triphasic pill. It means you get three different levels of hormones in the pills each month, instead of one steady level of hormones. Spotting is more common with the triphasic pills. If it keeps up, you might wanna ask your doc to switch your prescription to a monophasic pill and see if that helps. he or she might even be able to do it over the phone without making an appointment

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