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Do you believe that no matter how pathetic you were after a breakup, if the person really loved...


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If the person really loved you.. no matter how pathetic you acted after the break up.. do you believe that they can get past that if they really love or care for you?? Yes, I do believe that begging and pleading would not help your chances of getting back the one you love at all... but if they really loved you, I believe that they will see past that if they really want to be with you in the end...


Am I the only one who thinks this way?


My bf and I broke up and while I haven't been exactly begging and pleading him to come back to me, I can't seem to stop myself from contacting him... contacted him twice now... we've been broken up for 2 weeks.

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Contacting 2 times doesn't sound desperate or like begging. However, if you want him to come to the conclusion that you're a good match for him, it's better he realize it on his own on his own time line. Forcing it won't help your case and might annoy him. Try to lean on some friends while you avoid contacting him until he gets in touch with you.

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