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Don't feel anything while kissing


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Recently I know this girl and we're very much in love with each other. She really loves kissing (i'm her first kiss btw). And the thing is when we kiss, I don't feel anything at all. It just feels plain boring to me. But I still do. Initially the thought of connecting lips were intimate/sexy but after all it got boring. She never withdraws while kissing. And the kissing goes forever until I have to stop it (sometimes after 10 min non stop!). I don't mind if I was feeling as good, but no absolutely nothing at all.


I don't know if she's bad. But I think the problem lies with me. She claims I'm good (but she has no one to compare to). Everytime we lie in bed, it will be kissing. She likes it really a lot a lot a lot. I can't refuse, or say I don't want to, that would be rude. Because it will be an indirect message. And in every of the very very long kissing sessions, I'll be the one that pulls out first. (infact she never pulled out before!), then she looks with me with those eyes. and she asked me before if she was bad. If she was, I'll probably say the truth. but no. Idon't even know if I don't feel anything from kissing.


Date back to my first kiss. I was in love with that girl as well. But the kiss was much much much better. We didn't kiss much but it was sensual and perfect for me. But that was only for a few times and for a matter of 1-2 minutes each time. Each time we parted after having kiss I would have the longing feeling. And now, not that I dislike it, but I kind of have this " when is this going to end " feeling.


Never spoke to her. In middle both girls had a fling which I kissed. And I didn't feel anything either.


So now the question is. Is it me? Can one person be feeling so good and the other person not feeling anything?

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Hm....With one of my boyfriends who I thought I was in love with, but later I wasnt so crazy about...I disliked kissing, did not feel anything during it, and always stopped early. It is so unusual for me because Im a kisser, I love kissing, but I have only ever felt anything during it with a person that I am rly attracted with physcially, and emotionally, the rest was just...bleh. I think it is a sign tho.... Maybe you arent inlove with her as much as you think... or its something else. I would try to think hard about why it could be! Cause IMO when youre really crazy about someone, kissing feels great, amazing, sparks... and you dont want to stop with it.

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I am definitely emotionally and physically attracted. But how much, it's hard to measure. I was thinking about that because my first love (and kiss), I was very very in deep love with her.


So does it mean that emotions have to play a part other than the "technical" aspects of kissing. Does it mean a good kisser kissing you while you are not attracted to the person wouldn't make you feel like on cloud nine?

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I don't know...sometimes, with some guys kissing is just blah. Meh. If I'm not into them, it's bad.

There's this one guy though, that I date sporadically...We kiss for HOURS. We both get totally into it and sometimes, it doesn't even go past kissing. We just love touching each other, kissing each other, being totally engrossed in one another.

I think it all has to do with chemistry.

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to me if you are i love with someone you would definitely enjoy kissing them, it's the best part in a sense. you may think you are in love with her but it really doesn't sound like you are. physical attraction is part of being in love, and if you don't enjoy kissing her it sounds like you are not very physically attracted to her..

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First sign I was falling out of love with my BF was when kissing him felt like zilch. If I'm kissing someone and there's no spark, that person isn't the right one, OR that person is a terrible kisser, which it sounds like your girl might just be.

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I'm a lesbian and after being hurt various times by females i decided in march that i would be straight so i started dating this guy and he got all into kissing me but i just did it to do it i felt nothing it wasn't euphoric i didn't get butterflies. i broke up with him and started dating this gurl and it was butterflies from the first kiss until now and we'e been together for 4 months. you need to find someone that you connect with

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