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Eh... I think I maybe need to work out...

This Is THE Scariest Thing About Ge...
This Is THE Scariest Thing About Getting Older...

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Heh. Maybe it's because I can't sleep, or maybe I just like playing around with my new laptop, lol, but either way, I got the sudden urge to make this topic. So here's the thing; I'm a 20 year old guy, 5'3", and I weigh about, oh, I dunno, about 135-140? I dunno if that's a decent weight for my size, but I've always been a bit chubby. I'm not "fat"; in fact, you can barely tell I got some flab unless ya see me without a shirt. I got kind of a belly, and some flab in my chest. Now, I don't want to get "ripped", but I suppose I could stand to lose 10-15 pounds, and it'd be kinda nice to tone myself a bit more.


Problem? I don't know the first thing about working out, or exercising, or even eating right. I don't want to go to a gym (WAY too self conscious for that, it ain't happening), nor do I want to spend money on any kind of equipment. As for eating better, eh, I know I eat out a bit too much, but considering I often get stuck working evening shifts at work, it's just so much more convenient to grab something on the way home. So yeah, I know I have to cut back on that a bit. But otherwise, I don't eat a lot of junk food, like chips or candy. I rarely eat breakfast, though, which I've heard is apparently bad for you. But otherwise, I do alright, I usually either cook something (I'm pretty handy making different types of pastas or make a TV dinner, or something.


Yanno, it's kinda interesting; back in freshmen year of high school, five years ago, I was kinda chunky. I noticed junior and senior year, and the year after (I held off on college for a year), I seemed to slim down a bit. How, I don't know, considering I wasn't really doing anything different... But, I started college back in fall (and people always talk about some "freshmen 15", or something?), plus started a new job around the same time... Maybe that's what caused me to puff out a little? lol


So, I dunno, any "tips"? Hah, didn't intend to make such a long topic about this. Ah hell, might as well add a little more. Any tips on maybe building up my armss (specifically the forearms)? I have kinda skinny "girly" arms.

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i keep on saying this but educate yourself when it comes to nutrition. suck it up and hit the gym. join the ymca. tons of uggs there. we can band together. lol no, seriously, i know how it can make you self conscious. i went to the beautiful people gym and always end up next to some skank that ran for ever without breaking a sweat while looking perfectly hot. lol made me feel so retarded dying after 10 min.


or get a workout video. you can download those off of torrents. and yes, eat breakfast! and whole wheat pasta is key.

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Here's as simple as it gets:


Walk. You can slip walks into your workday by going outside your building during breaks. Evenings walk before dinner (or else you won't do it). Weekends wake early and go for a long one.


Eating--go to a supermarket, get chicken breast and turkey breast from the deli. Get a loaf of whole grain bread. Salad bar--get just enough lettuce, sliced onions and peppers to put on your sandwhiches. Use low fat Ranch dressing instead of mayo. Make your sandwhiches at night and bag them for work.


Pop a low-cal frozen meal some nights. Other nights go for salads with some tuna or chicken for protein. The more salads you can do, the more sodium you skip.


Don't skip breakfast. Keep a container of hardboiled eggs. Good protein. Eat 2 egg whites each morning and take your vitamins same time. Only eat a yolk every few days--too much cholesterol.


Eat or drink a yogurt or two each day--good digestive enzymes. Helps prevent gas, increase digestion, support immune system.


The combo of these things should drop your weight pretty quickly; you're increasing your metabolism at the same time you're dropping the fat from the take-out food.


In your corner.

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