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Romance with 1 Time Sex


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So...I didn't mail him a card with the key to my handcuffs, but I did mail out a V-day card with a tiny book the size of a baby's hand called "I only have eyes for you" by twisted wiskers. It's simply adorable. I wrote on the first page in perfect cursive writing, "Don't take anything too seriously" and on the back "unless you want to." My favorite page (47) "I've seen you naked" with a picture of the cutest cat...lol. The next page says, "So in love."


*Sigh* this is probably my last attempt to capture his heart. If it's meant to be, it will be. There is just something so romantic about getting a card, poem, or hand written letter through the mail. I'm still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he did just want to sleep with me, but...I'm guilty of wanting the same thing (just more). He's a firefighter that set my heart on fire! I'll recover if he lets me burn, but I hope he's considering bringing the water if he returns.


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