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Okay, my breath smells like death, even though I brush my teeth, my tongue and so on, even If i chew gum it smells, SOmetimes i use mouthwash and It doesnt work.


It've been like that for 1,5 years now..


And I started wondering where the fck the smell came from? Cuz at first I thought it must've been something I ate, but then people slowly starts to avoid me more..


Then I figured the smell came from my throat only..


And Im an allergic, and I think it all started when I accidently ate something Im not supposed to, cuz my tonsils started growing more.. then the left one went down again so I couldnt see it, as normal again, but the right one is still there..


Ever since that It've smelled in my mouth..


I dont know about tonsils so much but I've at least googled it "yeha im to ashamed to talk with someone about it" and it says something about tonsilstones, and that they smell rotten.. really disgusting.


and that there like small yellow stone looking things..


and tats correct though, and I dontknow what to do about it..


What if I'll remove the tonsills? I remove the tonsil stones every now andthen when they show up.. and then my breath is fine.. and then the next day/week/month they show up again..


and my tonsil is swollen cuz of im an allergic.. I dont know maybe its infected? Its disgusting.. its all the way down my throat, I dont know if these rotten smelling "tonsil stones" Are all the way down there..


Any suggestions people? Should I remove them? I've heard removing them causes pain in the throat..



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I know what you mean about those tonsil stones! Yea they are pretty disgusting and they will make your breath smell like death lol.


Are your tonsils regularly inflamed? If so, then it might be best to go to the doctor and talk with them about having them removed.


Have you tried replacing your toothbrush regularly? Someone on here said they replaced theirs every 3 weeks, and their breath is fine.


What are you allergic to? You say you are an allergic, but I don't know what you mean. Are you talking about to the tonsil stones?

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My friends daughter had the same problem and when she finally went to a physician they found that she had shoved a piece of sponge up her nose. Not saying that you did this, but this is what popped into my head. Just see a Dr. and see what he says too....it's not always dental related.

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Bad breath could be related to a chronic sinus infection, especially if you are prone to allergies. Nothing you do to your teeth or gums will help, in that case. You would have to treat the allergies and see a doctor about a possible sinus infection.


You could have a gum infection, also, which would not be covered up by mouthwash or brushing. Flossing might help, but if the infection is deeper than the floss will reach, you'd have to see a dentist who treats gum disease.


Stomach problems can also cause bad breath. If you have frequent indigestion, you should treat that and maybe see a doctor to be sure there is no damage being done to your espophagus.


Good luck!


Rereading your post--it sounds like you should see a doctor about your tonsils. I had mine out when I was an older teenager. It's not done routinely any more, but it really helped me with ongoing colds and illnesses. It sounds like there is a big infection going on. The operation is a bit painful, but only for a short time, and you could have tremendous relief.

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Excellent advise! I was a dental/ oral surgery assistant for 7 years. If you have gum disease from not flossing regulary it can cause your breah to stink. A tooth with decay/infection will also cause this. When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned and a dental exam? This sounds gross, if you take a piece of dental floss anf floss your molars and smell it, basically that is what your breath smells like. FLOSS FLOSS FLOSS! Rotting food inbetween your teeth smells horrible. People dont understand how important flossing is to maintain healthy gums. And to have healthy teeth you must have healthy gums. Wow I sound like I am giving instructions to a patient! Good luck!

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I agree that flossing is very important. I used to work in a dental lab & I know what happens when people don't take care of their teeth, & that includes regular flossing!


However, from your talk about the tonsil problem I think that is more likely the case. You've had this problem for a year & a half & you never talked to your Dr about it?? I understand its embarrassing, but seriously... Doctors have seen everything, I would be surprised if they would be anything less than professional about this. Bad breath might seem like a trivial problem at first glance, but yor halitosis is seriously impacting your life negatively. You are embarrassed about it, thinking about it frequently & always trying unsuccessfully to cover it up. And now people are avoiding you because of it. It's a medical issue!! Nothing to be embarrassed about. Put on your brave face, go to the Dr & get it taken care of!! It is probably something fixable. And if it IS an infection, that can spread through your bloodstream & kill you if you don't take care of it. Your body is telling you that there is a problem. LISTEN to it. Go to the Doctor.

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