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  1. I'm actually of the same mindset. While I don't intend to pay all of my childrens' tuition I expect to contribute something and that's in addition to the other necessities. So, I will be limiting the number of children I have for that very reason. My rule is no more than 2 because I don't want to have to contribute to more than two college educations in addition to other things that they'll need as they grow up. I will be denying myself more children based on financial reasons because it makes the most sense to me if my husband and I plan to retire on time and have something to live off of.
  2. I've paid for my entire education and that makes me feel really good about myself. That's not to knock my friends whose parents footed the bill but I feel like I am stronger for having had to do it alone. Now of course I got scholarships but I worked three jobs in undergrad to pay for my private education and presently I am working two jobs to put myself through grad school. I will help my kids as much as I can but I won't be paying for their entire educations. I feel like they'll appreciate their degrees more if they've paid for them. This doesn't mean I'll let them flounder in debt but they
  3. LOL! Wow-a pepsi sounds good right about now though I'm reading "A Writer's Reference" by Diane Hacker
  4. That's so true, I've dealt with lots of people like this. I think the OP should just apply for a transfer or sit her roommate down and make her aware of how she's feeling.
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