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Best Friends or More?


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So here's my problem:

This guy has been my best friend since 8th grade when his girlfriend dumped him for another guy and I helped him through the breakup. Since then we've shared everything with each other. About a year later, I started falling for him. He is really sweet and always knows how to cheer me up and make me laugh. The problem is, he's dating one of my good friends who moved away last year. They are close, but my guy friend has been talking to me about how they're drifting apart lately. During free periods during school, he'll find me and his eyes light up when he sees me. He'll snuggle with me and a couple of times he's fallen asleap on my shoulder. Another time we sat on a couch with some of our friends and he snuggled up to my side with his head on my shoulder and my head on top of his and we stayed like that for close to an hour. I'm just confused because he's got a girlfriend but he seems to be flirting with me. Maybe I'm reading too much into things. And there is no way I want to break him up with his girlfriend because she's one of my closest friends. I have no idea how to go about telling my best friend I like him, when I should, or even if I should...

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Sticky situation. It sounds like he has feelings for you, but he needs to take care of his current relationship. From a cheaters perspective, I'd say that nothing should happen between you too until he is single. In a long-distance relationship, trust is even more important and if I were her, I'd be upset if I knew how he acted with you.

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I agree, definitely a situation that's a little sticky. But, they're both your friends, so I think you owe it to them to be honest with them both, even if it sounds a little scary to do. What it sounds like is that your guy friend is missing the physical interaction that he doesn't get from his gf, because she lives far away. And since you two are friends, he's doing those things with you. It's not really fair to you, for him to be flirty with you when he's with someone else. I think it would be best to find out his true feelings.


The next time he does something that you think is flirtatious (ie when you're cuddling on the couch), that's a good time to bring up the subject. Tell him that there are things he's doing that's leaving you confused, and you want to know if he likes you more than just a friend, because you do. Get it out in the open, you'll feel better knowing that you don't have to hide your feelings.

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