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  1. I've had a lot of male friends like that. I remember saying about some of them that "They're awesome, unless you're their girlfriend". I would honestly steer clear if he's that type of guy. It could cause strife in your group and more drama than you want.
  2. Ok, calm down. It sounds to me like you are suffering from post-pardum depression. I had it after my daughter was born and it is hell. I was incredibly insecure, hated my life, cried all the time. You need to talk to your doctor. They can put you on an anti-depressant to help you get through it. I would also suggest a therapist as these feelings are not normal. He is with YOU, he loves YOU, not his exes. Women tend to feel unlovable after birth...your body may have some extra pounds, you are tired all the time from taking care of a baby, and you don't have as much time with your BF as
  3. You need to relax more...you go into the dates prepared with a list of questions/conversation topics and when the list has been finished, you freeze up. It was only your second date and I'm assuming that you are both in the "getting to know you" stage. You'll find that things will become more relaxed the more time you spend with her. It sounds like she really likes you too, so maybe she's shy.
  4. This is weird. My therapist and I discussed this a lot in my session yesterday. I have the same problem, I can't seem to make any friends and my problem is that I have trust issues. I hate to get close to people because I just KNOW they will hurt me eventually. She suggested that I just start opening myself up more, be more approachable. She also said I should start listening to people more when they talk and try to enter in their conversations a little bit. Idle chitchat can lead to great friendships she says, and you can't go through life thinking everyone with hurt you because there a
  5. You are not married, have no kids together. She can do what she wants. If you are that jealous that you don't want her to have a life outside of YOU, then you have some issues you need to work on. A person is a person. She wants to have a good time. Why would you want her sitting home twiddling her thumbs simply because you can't be with her? That's selfish, and a good way to lose a relationship.
  6. Just walk away. Don't respond to their messages and move on with your life. If they can't face the truth and want to live in oblivion to save their marriage, that's their choice. Just let this one go.
  7. And you shouldn't. Think of it this way...he is toxic and playing you. Trying to have his cake and eat it too. If you really want to get over him, don't respond to his texts/email anymore. You have to focus on yourself, not him.
  8. Play it cool. You just hung out/whatever. Don't show her you are too upset about what happened because this could push her away. Try to make another date.
  9. Did you mention to him that you were going NC and the reasons why? Is so, this was very selfish on his part and just another reason for you to not talk to him again. Start from scratch, go NC and DO NOT answer any of his emails. Right now is the time to think about YOU.
  10. From my experience...as a cheater, this is a HUGE red flag
  11. I have to be honest...the shallow man who goes for only attractive women has bit me in the butt in the past and I have no sympathy. If you truly love this girl, let her be her. Don't go crazy because some other dude has an attraction to her. You'll push her away.
  12. I usually set a time. After my daughter goes to bed is the best, and I start writing what comes to mind. Anything and everything ... I just start writing. Sometimes it will be a paragraph, sometimes 3 pages. It all depends, but it really helps.
  13. If you only go out with really attractive girls physically, then you are a bit of a shallow person. I hate to be so blunt, but the shallow people are the ones who get hurt the most. You say you don't trust HIM, but if you trusted your girlfriend to be faithful that should be enough. You need to find out why you only date these types of women and why this type of situation makes you crazy. If you are going out with only beautiful women, you have to expect them to get hit on, simple as that. If you can't handle that...move on.
  14. Don't be hard on yourself. Everyone is going through some kind of neuroses and you can't predict how any person will react to any situation. Don't judge her according to women who have hurt you in the past. Give her a day or two...if she doesn't show you what you want then you can decide to check out and move on.
  15. Don't pursue her. If you can be just friends, be just that. Don't come between her and her boyfriend. It will cause more drama than a person of 15 can handle.
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