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She just wants to be friends. My story


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Hello, this is my first post here, and i guess I'll start off by saying I'm a senior in High School. So here is the background of my story.


I had known this girl since freshmen year but we were nothing more than acquaintances. around May of 2008 we hung out with a mutual friend of ours one day. We hit it off great and by the time summer came around we were best friends. I had strong feelings for her over the summer, but after a while i just accepted that i was in the friendzone. But then school started and out of nowhere she told me she was interested in me. I told her how much i liked her over the summer and that we have already become great friends, and I didn't want to possibly ruin that.


A week later my feelings for her resurfaced, I told her how i felt, she still felt the same towards me, and we started dating. We had a great 2 and a half months together. We always had fun together, and were completely happy just being in each others company with whatever we did. We rarely argued, and when we did we would always sort it out by the end of the night. I think relationships founded on a great friendship first are great. We both loved each other. Yes i know, we're only teenagers, but i will always truly wish for happiness in her life, even if i can't be with her.


A few days before we broke up she started seeming distant, she texted me saying how she was stressed out about our relationship possibly not working out cause she felt like things have changed, and she doesnt know how to solve what ever is stressing her out. I calmed her down, and thought all would be fine. maybe she was just having a rough week she said. But a few days later, Dec.7, she ended it. She said she felt like a lot had changed, and things moved fast. (I truly didn't feel that at all, thought we were actually taking things pretty slow.) She was also a pretty busy person, but we were still able to be together a good amount of time. She said she missed being able to talk to me about anything/everything with no pressure of being embarrassed or scared. Ok, major what heck... Im guessing she didnt mean that and was just looking for stuff to say that sounded good to get the breakup out of the way, because i myself, felt that i could go to her for anything. But anyways, we ended on pretty good terms and she said she still loves me and always will, but obviously its a different type of love.


The next day, she was just as hurt as i was, and she didnt show up to school, but we texted each other and she said she thought she made a mistake. After a week to let things settle down i plainly said that i want her back, but she decided that she didn't want to drag this thing out anymore and possibly hurt me.


Obviously i still want her back, so i started LC a few days before she went to europe on the 26th for winter break vacation. I haven't messaged her over myspace at all while shes been there, while i still see her commenting friends letting them know how things are going over there.


So i guess my question is once she gets back, what should I do to eventually get her back. Continue LC or maybe try a different method. I was thinking maybe LC, but not meeting up in person at all, then slowly start hanging out again, and acting the way i did that caused her to like me in the first place.


Thanks, sorry this is so long.

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Alright, thanks. But is there anyway to go no contact without making it seem like im ignoring her for no particular reason or that im mad at her for something else besides the break up? and how will i know when to break NC?


All you have to say is that you are not comfortable being 'just friends' and you would prefer if she understands and doesn't contact you.The person being dumped only breaks no contact when they are over it or if the dumper explicitly states that they want to talk reconciliation.

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I don't want to not ever see her again. We're most likely going to the same college by the way. Like i said, we were great friends before we started dating, and if somehow i fail at getting her back, i could understand its not meant to be, and keep her as a good friend.

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