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One half of a couple


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So I have a new friend who I really like. He is really fun to hang out with. And we have a lot to talk about. But is wife annoys me. I find myself not inviting him to things because I don't want to deal with her. She hits on my boyfriend and makes him uncomfortable (They are in an open relationship too but my boyfriend has been clear with her that he isn’t into her) and she is always telling me how her friendship and his friendship is going to help me grow. It just bothers me.


Tonight it's happening again. I ask him to come hang with me and a few other people for the night and she is going to be here, with her boyfriend (who I like) but I feel trapped like I can't ever find away just to spend time without her.

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I like him. We talked about our relationship being a sexual one. But it wasn't working for me. She is trying to hook us up. She thinks it would be good for me. ugh. She thinks the way my partner and I do poly isn't the best way, and she tells us how we could be doing it better.

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