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feeling lost after sex


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Hi all,


What feelings do you normally have after you have sex with your partner?


Have you ever felt like you are a bit lost and not being comfortable after sex? Or have you ever felt after the fantastic sex, sex has become so blank? Thank you.


I've never had sex with someone I didn't care about (save once) , So I often just feel totally 100% relaxed...and then I just like her to get on top of me, and cuddle, hehe...


That one time I did--it was really crappy. It was at a party, and, while it felt good at the moment, within an hour, I felt empty and totally drained--wow.


Sex and love are inseparable, for me at least.

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When people feel empty after sex, it usually means they either aren't emotionally bonded to their partner (and need to find someone who is more than just sex to them), or else they are having trouble with their partner and feel distant from them or angry/upset at them for reasons other than sex.


So it usually means you need to work on the relationship of the person you are having sex with, and avoid sex with people you have no feeling for.

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