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I wouldn't say I'm the worst catch in the world but on some subconscious level, I must change when I'm interested in someone.


Anyway, for the past few months, I've been interested in a girl I've known for a while. I wouldn't say I've been chasing her but we've gradually started to get closer and time has gone by.


I've read enough things on here and over the net that indicate what to look for to tell if a girl is interested in you. Let me say, ALL of the signs have been there. She has invited me to her house in the past and just this weekend, invited me out with her to do some photography for her university work (only to cancel on the day because she was ill). We bumped into each other the other night and we flirted like mad. We always hug and are very touchy feel-y with one another. So what's the problem? It's been like this for a while now and last night, she changed her Facebook status to "in a relationship".


I made subtle hints that I was interested but didn't pressure her in anyway. I was always confident, funny and unpredictable whenever we spoke. I thought I was making good progress. I thought she was worth the wait.


But, maybe I was "too cool" about things (if that's possible) and now I feel like an idiot that's wasted an opportunity.


It sounds wrong and horrible to say but all my previous girlfriends have always been more interested in me than I have been in them (certainly in the early stages anyway). I just wanted to be patient and wait until somebody came along that blew my mind. This one does. But as I said at the top, if I am interested in someone, it never ever happens. No idea why.


Not really after advice as such, I just felt the need to rant.

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Earlier on this afternoon, she invited me round her house for a pre-Christmas dinner with her and her housemates. I have to work a night shift this week but said I'd come along before work for a bit.


Then about half an hour after agreeing to go round, she sent me a text saying "things were weird at her house" and "it might not be happening now". Then ten minutes later she sent me a text to say "it's not happening".


I've just been on Facebook and noticed that her housemates have all mentioned the meal in their status changes. So the meal DID go ahead and I was lied to for some reason. She invited me, then lied to me so I wouldn't come round. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT?


It's not like I was putting her under pressure. She invited ME. I have no idea what the hell is going on.


Is there such thing as a male spinster?

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Can a girl poster on here please explain what the hell this girl is doing... I received a text from her an hour ago saying this:


"Ah man, I'm sad didn't see you yesterday. We have to go out for a drink in January. Love you. Have a good Christmas. x"


We were supposed to go out last Sunday but she was ill. She invited me round for Christmas dinner on Thursday with her and her housemates, then said it wasn't happening (although it did) and now this.


I've heard about the push/pull theory but this is ridiculous!


I'm not prepared to jump through hoops for her. It seems she likes the attention but doesn't have the bottle to go any further. As I've mentioned, the signs that she likes me are there but I am so confused by it. One minute she seems interested, then she backs right off and calls me "mate".


Should I reply? How should I respond? I am not somebody that she can just pick up whenever it suits her. I do like her a lot but all this game playing is really making me wonder if she's worth it.

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My reply was this... "Well you shouldn't have cancelled on me then should you? Twice in a week too! What makes you worthy of going out for a drink with me after that oh elusive one? Being pretty isn't enough. Have a good Christmas yourself. x"


That's alright right?

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