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When the girl is VISUAL, do men get jealous too


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Ok I'm sure we have all heard a bunch of stories of many of us girls (well not me) getting annoyed and somewhat jealous over their man watching porn.


Now how about if is it vice-versa. What if we were visual too and saw a mag. or pics. of nude men and you guys catch on on this!!!!!! Do guys get jealous too???

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Hmm, I imagine some guys would, but generally speaking I would not.


But you raise an interesting question. I enjoy my porn for sure, but I like it for the sake of "what they are doing is hot", and whenever viewing, I think about myself doing what I'm seeing but with my wife.. not with the female that is portrayed.


I suppose I feel it is bad taste to lust after the actual people in pornography, so if it was the MAN displayed that was the interest, then that might cause some jealousy, just as I would expect a woman to be jealous/upset if her SO was lusting after a female porn star.


Of course the degree of jealousy varies depending on the degree of interest your SO has in the person, and that jealousy should be weighed against their happiness, in which case it may be prudent to just suck it up and accept it.

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