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Tips For Making Eye Contact


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I have created for your viewing pleasure and information a post that is a compilation of eye contact tips, hints and tricks from various resources. Although enotalone.com has various articles on eye contact, I thought that I would make a post to highlight key points and make it easier to find, being that it is a regular post. I apologize that this post, though, is mainly intended for males, not females. Athough this is a lengthly post, bear with me and you will be all the better for it.


It can be said that our eyes are the windows to or mirrors of our soul. This makes them a vastly important part of developing relationships. In a lot of cases, eye contact is the only contributor to the start of a relationship. This can be the case in a bar or other crowded situation, in the hall at school or any other building or out on the street. The key to

making eye contact work for you is to follow the following steps and to not be discouraged if it doesn't work immediately. As with all things, it takes practice.


Eye contact can be used not only as a utility or vehicle to have a girl notice you or become interested in you, but when used correctly it also expresses concern and a multitude of other feelings and emotions. Through eye contact and the study of someone's eyes, you can not only tell how they are feeling, but as well if they are telling the truth.


Before I continue, I wish to inform you that by eye contact, I do not mean an occasional glance at a person's eyes, but more so a continual looking into thier eyes. I must caution you though, eye contact conveys a powerful message and should only be used on the opposite sex.


I for one, do not limit my use of eye contact only to a girl that I love or am interested in. I use eye contact whenever I am talking to a girl. Regardless of wheather I like them or not, I use eye contact to practice it and to make them wonder if I am interested. Using powerful eye contact techniques can let a guy get any girl that he wants.


It is my belief that women are more inclined to go out with someone that has a better developed sense of charachter and humor, rather than looks. As a result of this, when our eyes meet, and we stand strong and don't look away, we express to them not only that we are interested, but as well, they begin to ask themselves "who is this gentleman that has courage enough to dare continue looking into my eyes after I have seen him"? As guys, we know that most times, it takes more courage for us to talk to a girl than to make eye contact, so this makes the process easier for us.


Alas, here are the procedures for making proper eye contact. A word to the wise, DO NOT STARE, if you do not receive a positive sign (which I will discuss later) within 5 seconds, do not continue with the eye contact. It will have gone from harmless eye contact to staring, and that is not good.


When to start, well, provided that the hallway you are in is longer than about 40 feet, don't make eye contact until approximately 30 feet away from the girl. Eye contact works best when both parties are standing or walking. Look directly at her eyes and wait for her eyes to meet yours. Once her eyes have met yours, resist the temptation to look away. Continue to look directly into her eyes. Do not look at any other part of her but her eyes. As you pass, do not initiate a "hi" or a "hey", let her say it first. If after about 5 seconds of looking into her eyes you do not elict a smile from her, a "hey"/"hi", or a nod of the head, a direct meeting of eyes, any indication at all (that is directed toward you) break the eye contact and continue on your way. In most cases this will work beautifully, almost 95% of the time.


In some situations, if you feel that you are getting nowhere fast (mind you it is a lot to think about in 5 seconds) a smile initiated by you will do the trick. If she is looking into your eyes as deeply as you are into hers, and you smile, she will smile right back at you and you can continue to look into her eyes. This, though, works best if you know the person or have had contact with them before. When do you stop looking into her eyes, you ask? not until she stops looking into yours. The longer you maintiain eye contact with her, the better off you are.


In the classroom! You must be in a position that is advantageous to your intent. It should not be uncomfortable for either party to continue looking at each other. You must be seated in such a way that you both are able to see each other. Look at her until she looks at your eyes. When she does, resist the urge to look away and continue looking into her eyes. Look only for 5 seconds if there are no positive signs. Here is the best place to use the smile technique I described above, considering you probably have already met her. When she looks away (hopefully with a smile on her face), you are permitted to look away. Provided that you receive positive signs, continue this throughout class and throughout the week. After about a week, if something hasn't happened already, you are as good as gold.


Key points are that you should not look away until she does, don't stare if you do not receive positive signs, don't be discouraged if it doesn't work right away - it requires practice and to remain comfortable when doing it. It is OK to appear obvious, it will probably make her smile all the more. Just to clarify something, a direct meeting of eyes is considered acceptable permission to continue looking into her eyes. And sometime after you are given a positive sign (if you didn't smile first), smile at her to show that you are interested.


Before I came accross resources like these, I had given up many opportunities to go out with girls just based on the fact that I would look away when our eyes met. Eye contact rarely practiced anymore, but is still instilled within all females to respond to it. If you use eye contact techniques, you will become popular amongst the girls quite quickly (because no one else uses these techniques as well, you seem more personal).


Best of luck and reap the rewards of long meaningful relationships as a result of your innate and natural skill. PM me if you have any questions particular to your situation or my post in general,


John Doe

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