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Polar Opposites: Will We Ever Find Common Ground?

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Hi, I have a question for all you guys, preferably between ages 20-25 In general, what do you guys look for in relationships during this period? A genuine relationship in which you are ready to settle down? Or are you guys just dating just to get a taste of variety? Do you rate women and relationship purely on emotional (or emotional/physical)?


Some guys, not all, would rather sleep with the gorgeous playmate type of girl, but not be so serious with them (that's what my ex 'says', but he's not 'the all mighty', so I want to hear what you guys think). So, what are your preferences? How do men rate/group women in general?


I know my question might sound a bit generalized or naiive, but it's only b/c I have a hard time understanding what guys my age.


Anyway, I hope to find some interesting answers!



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Hey Sunny!


I think i can speak for myself and others on this one, especially under 25's. Most of my mates are only interested in one thing: PARTY! They want to to clubs and wine and dine. They're not really interested in commitment, but SEX SEX and more SEX. These are the 'some guys' you referred to.


But there are others who want to settle down. The majority of these guys are shy guys and mature people. The minority like me, just want a girl that will just be by there side for them while they go and do they're own thing. Not that you can't do your own thing either, just that we want someone to come home to.


oh and people my age most definetly look at looks first! Looks are everything to men, especially people mine and your age! Young and looking for the best! But be warned that it is the personality and inner skin that determines whether a relationship will last. Be more desirable and be their best friends (but DO NOT CLING or be possesive) and they won't leave you.


Good luck

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